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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Guest Writer: 'Playing in the Moment: Toys and the Art of Just Being' - Bryan E. Wright

We knew how to do it when we were kids. Didn’t we? It came naturally, effortlessly. Without even trying, we could jettison expectation, enjoy the moment, live harmoniously and soak up every drop of bliss we could find. In short, we were – ALL OF US – capable of just being.

As adults, we pray. We meditate. We sacrifice. We journey. We repent. We read. We have energy work done. We appeal to our guides. We do this. We do that. We do, do, do. We try anything we can think of to hitch a ride to blissful nirvana. We pass milestones and we achieve certain measures of success, of course. But we still find ourselves stuck viewing the world through the “do lens.” Call it an age-related malady, this do-itis. It is a pervasive ill, tough to treat and often contagious. If left unchecked it can lead to a serious be deficiency. So we panic. We push on. We seek the wisdom of the world’s great mystics, sages and philosophers. We keep doing. We run down the path and stomp the very flowers we were seeking. We miss that the answer to our biggest question may already be right under our noses.

Want to be bombarded with Breadcrumbs? Watch the children in your life. Sit quietly sometime and just watch from a safe distance. Drop your own expectations, open your heart and mind, and just soak up the moment. What do you notice? Soft facial expressions. Bright eyes filled with wonder. Relaxed mouths and jaws. Easy movements. Happy voices and effortless laughter. You probably noticed a little of all of the above, and I’d be surprised if you didn’t also feel their joy on an intuitive level. How could you not? Children in their element are wide open, expressing themselves on many levels, not merely communicating in the narrow band of perception framed by our five physical senses.

All of the characteristics you observed are those of a species that lives in a world where do is of little or no concern. In the child’s universe, the past is yesterday and the future is tomorrow…period. All that matters to them is right here, right now. Being! It’s absolutely lovely, and it’s exactly what so many of us are working so hard to achieve.

So how can we, as adults, reclaim a little of that joy-in-the-moment magic for ourselves? Maybe, part of the answer lies in simply allowing ourselves to be children again, and it may be as easy as reuniting with some of our favorite toys. As the father of two incredible sons, I have observed over the last 12 years that there are four basic families of toys: 1) The Time-Killers (video games), 2) Teaching Toys (building blocks, board games, dolls, art supplies and action figures), 3) Toys of Empowerment (costumes, bicycles, musical instruments, water balloons) and, finally, 4) Toys of Being – those toys that exist for no other reason than to simply inspire joy in the moment and encourage a state of just being.

Over the coming months, I’ll be focusing on this last group of toys, these “toys of being,” to create a series of articles that explores the incredible spiritual value still possessed by such uncomplicated toys as the yo-yo, the sandbox and the Etch A Sketch. I think you’ll be surprised, as I have been while conducting research for this series of articles, at just how many classic toys there are that encourage among children the very same sort of meditative and fruitful state-of-mind that so many of us “doers” spend countless hours and dollars attempting to capture for ourselves. Taking my research a step further, I’ve also been amazed by how many of these toys actually mimic the actions of some of the world’s most common (albeit sometimes hard to find and often expensive) tools of meditation and ritual.

Hopefully, the articles in the series “Playing in the Moment: Toys and the Art of Just Being” will entertain you, reacquaint you with some fond childhood memories, provoke a little thought and, most importantly, inspire you to raid your kids’ toy boxes and leave do behind for a few glorious moments each day. On this last count, I would love to hear from you as the series progresses. Send me letters, photos, videos – anything that captures the joy you experience in the process of “playing in the moment.” Send them to me here, and I’ll choose some of the best ones to share with Search for Breadcrumbs readers over the next few weeks. I don't yet have nifty t-shirts or stickers to send you in return, so a few ounces of good karma will have to do for now.

Ready? Let’s play!
You can read more of Bryan's posts at

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

'A Course in Miracles' orientated Courses and Counselling

Some of you may have heard that I was recently ordained. I was ordained with Pathways of Light Spiritual College.

This means that I am now able to offer ‘A Course in Miracles’ orientated Courses and Counselling (Accessing Inner Wisdom Counselling) to you, amongst other services.

These courses are a study that I started and just couldn’t stop. They are so healing and gentle and you can choose to do them however you like and at whatever pace you like. You could also choose to facilitate these courses yourself! They offer you the opportunity to consider your world from a completely new perspective if you allow a little willingness.

A Course in Miracles is a spiritual text not a religious text that works with a Text & 365 Workbook Lessons that are exercises in mind healing. They have been of so much benefit to me that there was nothing left for me to do but to make sure that I passed on the benefit.

Some of the courses offered are:
Self Image Transformations
Knowing Your True Purpose
Empowering Yourself by Changing Limiting Mental Habits
The Healing Bridge of Symbols and Rituals
Attracting Nurturing Personal Relationships
& many more.

If you feel that you might be interested or would like to know more, then please visit my new website

Much Love as Always


Thursday, 1 March 2012

Coincidental Magic

It has been a while since I have blogged. I have been focusing on other areas for a while. However lately... as all writers do... I have the itch.

I have just enjoyed a fun and very relaxing weekend in Cornwall, UK. We were tucked away in a rural retreat and spent the days sightseeing.

We visited King Arthur’s Castle... couldn’t find Camelot, visited a village with my family name - only to find it was one house with a dirt road, enjoyed the coastline and a memorable village called Boscastle.

We went there to see the Museum of Witchcraft... It looked very interesting and we thought it would be something fun to do on our break. But after we did find the museum we found it to be closed for winter refurbishment.

So we parked in the Staff Bay and had a look from the outside anyway.

There were many comment cards in a bulletin board that had messages from visitors who seemed to have had a really great time. I was a little disappointed but there was nothing we could do.

We continued on our travels and returned home relaxed and well rested.

This morning I was checking into this blog. Sometimes there are new followers who I like to connect with and find out what other people are doing. I opened one of my new followers and out of the 5 sites she had joined one of them was... yes... you guessed it... The Museum of Witchcraft in Boscastle!.. Where we had just travelled to on the weekend... the place where no one was and was not open...

I felt a little Twilight (not the movies... the series) moment. There was a part of me that was logical and said ‘Excellent coincidence’ but the part of me I was focussing on was the part that was hoping it meant something more.

I have chosen to allow myself to play a bit and imagine it was something more... and I have my reasons.

I do feel that our current generations are missing something in their life that can bring us fresh perceptions... and that is ‘mystical stimulation’.

In ages past there was a more dominant focus on the mystical. There would be festivals and temples and dancers and many rituals that seem to have fallen away from many of our daily lives. Mysticism has a way of blending reality and illusion.

I have a favourite mystic. I read her books and listen to her videos and podcasts. Some of the ideas she puts forward are so captivating and filled with truth and then she might say something about a time that she walked along the beach and the sand flies made a circle around her and acknowledged her presence. Sounds a little crazy right? However she is the first person that I have come across that constantly teaches me that it doesn’t always have to be right... I can also choose just to be happy and enjoy the experience.

If you are going to be in this world of dreams for a while then why not choose the happy dream. I wanted to share this as it is something that I am learning now. It is ok for us to play with the illusions but it can be just as much fun to seek out the truth.

‘A Course in Miracles’ teaches us a simple way to recognise truth and illusion and that is:

‘Nothing real can be threatened.
Nothing unreal exists.
Herein lies the peace of God.’

Mystical experience can spur us on as we walk our path of truth. If you are having a giggle and feeling more peaceful more of the time... then you may be on the path to peace... but in the meantime I am going to choose to imagine that the witches whispered through the misty woods as we drove down the winding road to Boscastle. Through the rustle of the the leaves and the whistling wind could be heard the words – ‘There they are... we have been expecting them.’

Happy Dreams!


Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The Acceptance Guidebook by Todd Schaefer

My good friend Todd Schaefer is preparing to release his new book over the summer.

The Acceptance Guidebook walks us through the shift from a journey of unconscious living into a life of awareness. Todd offers complex spiritual ideas that are simple to read and understand, making them easy to apply to our lives. His gentle teachings, personal observations and stories have created a book that carries the intentions of a true teacher.

Enjoy the 'Teaser Trailer' for the most anticipated event in the world of spiritual contemporary writing - a six year long countenance of a "real-life" man's journey in one legendary spiritual book. It's coming!



To find out more visit The Acceptance Guidebook Site

Subscribers can access the trailer by visiting the blog post.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Initiation - It's All About You!

When we decide to venture out of our comfort zones we can often find ourselves faced with challenges and unexpected obstacles. Anything that takes us into the unknown or somewhere we haven’t been before can be considered an initiation. It is a call to move past the fear of the unknown and to conquer and release that fear.

By understanding the process of initiation we can begin to understand any obstacles or tests and accept them as a part of the growth process.

The first steps are the most difficult. We find that we have a curiosity about whether or not our ideal situation can exist. Along the way you may find yourself asking the questions about what does and does not truly exist. It is a part of the life process.

There are a few steps that when brought into our awareness can easily be recognised and embraced. There is a Sufi idea that speaks about the fact that there is always water to be found it just depends on how far you are prepared to dig – sometimes it is a short distance and sometimes it is a long way away.

When we embark on a new path we can encounter blocks that may seem to prevent us from reaching the water but with sufficient knowledge we can break through and keep digging.

Our lives are full of initiations. Just learning to walk is an initiation into the walking world. We stumble and crawl – we have others hold our hands as we start to stand – and we are celebrated as we pass through this rite of passage.

This process can be the same when we choose to do something new. When starting something new you may like to consider the following steps of initiation to help move past your blocks to reach your intended ideal desire.

Mentoring is the first step. For many of us our first initiator was our mother. She helped us to walk, talk and eat. It is important to find an initiator for your new venture. Find someone that has already done what you are looking to do. You will probably find that they met with obstacles as well but they will be able to share with you how they moved past them.

You will then usually be met with a series of tests. These are to see if you have set the foundations for your desired goal. They may also be presented to you to cause a necessary shift in your belief system or ideas about how you can achieve what you want. It is up to you to decide whether you are able to pass these tests or recognise if you are heading down a path that is not bringing you closer to where you think you might like to be.

Then get ready to receive, reflect and assimilate. It will be time to receive knowledge, reflect on that knowledge and decide how you are going to assimilate that knowledge into your life.

You will then be called to use your imagination. How does this ideal situation make you feel? How does your spirit respond to being in this situation? What would be the ideal situation for you to be happy? This process is a part of everything we decide to do – because ultimately we are looking for a joyful existence.

You will then need to find your inner wisdom. You will learn to trust yourself and the decisions you think are the wisest for your path. All decisions should be made with a balanced mind. For many people this is achieved through spiritual practices whether it is prayer, meditation or relaxation. It is very difficult to make clear decisions when we are under a lot of stress.

You will then pass through the next step which is to act from your highest self. This will be achieved through the self confidence and balance you have built whilst passing through previous steps in your initiation. You will be called to be an example of what can be achieved through understanding the initiation process.

You will then begin to rise above what you previously thought were the highest ideals for you. You will realise that there is a law of the universe – that connection with Divinity is possible. This may mean that you will embark on a new path to find a higher ideal or begin a new venture that begins the initiation process again.

And finally you will be called on to inspire. Through your example of being able to teach and show what is possible you will inspire others to move on their own highest path. You will be an example of what can be achieved by moving through the initiation process.

By understanding these steps that can be applied to anything we decide to do, it is my hope that any obstacles or tests may feel a little less daunting and a little more acceptable to you... and that you are able to find the courage to initiate something that moves you onto your highest path.

Many Blessings,

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