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Sunday, 1 June 2008

Chapter 1 - 'The Man Who Thought His Way Into Partnership With Thomas A. Edison'

Have you ever noticed that when you buy a new car you start to notice them everywhere? They pop up on the freeway, at the traffic lights, at the shopping centre. You know, you may well have passed them as frequently in the past but now your awareness has become heightened to the colour, the design and the brand you begin to notice them everywhere.

This is what you will find will happen as you journey through ‘Think and Grow Rich’.
As you heighten your awareness to success and opportunities you will see that success will become ever more apparent and frequent in your life.

In the first chapter of ‘Think and Grow Rich’ you can see how Napoleon Hill gently raises your awareness to the power of thought, desire and determination and how to intensify the emotions that back this power. You may also begin to see areas of your life that may be blocking you from moving forward.

As we move through this book there are practical steps to help you analyse these but for now we are going to take some time to evaluate our surroundings. Over the next week really start to focus on areas that you are successful in and make this a priority. By raising your awareness towards success instead of maybe focusing on where you feel you may be lacking, will put you on a higher frequency that can only attract more success.

The main focus of this chapter is to introduce us to what is possible. And what is possible is absolutely anything you desire.

One point I would like to make is that many of us, when we are presented with ‘temporary defeat’ take this as a sign that maybe this isn’t the path we were meant to go down, or that maybe we didn’t deserve it but whatever reason we choose; today - you know that you readily accepted this ‘defeat’ as a justification for quitting. As you have read in the stories that Napoleon Hill shares in this chapter, not one of them succumbed to ‘temporary defeat’ except for the gentleman that accepted this defeat just 3 feet away from success. And it is a law that success will follow when you choose not to quit – for any reason.

It’s that easy! Just don’t quit.

I am going to share my lightbulb moment with you as you have read this chapter and it is not my intention to repeat what you have read but to create a space where we can share our thoughts and offer support and insight to each other.

On page 29, in the third paragraph, Hill speaks about faith. I know the emotion of faith and have accepted this as being when I know without a doubt that something will be. I suppose that this included not accepting the possibility that anything could hinder something from coming into being but I think his description of faith here is so simply logical that again he is right. It is the complete removal of fear from a thought process which in turn has to manifest itself in the physical as there is no debate as to what must be formed. Beautiful!

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and lightbulb moments for chapter 1 during this week.

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