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Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Chapter 2 Overview

Hi Everyone!

I hope you have enjoyed reading the second chapter. Again this is a light chapter but Hill’s stories are always embedded with a strong message.

The important focus of this chapter is in creating a BURNING DESIRE for success. Do not accept anything less than what you want as an outcome. Keep going until you see the manifestation of your desires. Do not stop! Take control and become proactive in your thoughts! You are the master of your ship and you decide where it sails and where it stops. It’s up to YOU!

A ‘thought’ or an ‘idea’ can be likened to a seed waiting to come under the right conditions to begin the processes of germination and growth. As with any seed there is a gestation period but under the right conditions and affected by the necessary energy, this seed will germinate. You can apply this principle to your desires by creating the right conditions and focusing the energy necessary for manifestation. And the way to increase this energy is through proactive thought, concentration and focus. The exercise given in this chapter is a precise practical tool for doing just that!

Over the past 2 weeks you have had the opportunity to write down your desires and begin to intensify emotions, cultivate the right conditions and increase the energy needed to bring them into the physical. Even though you may not understand the importance of presenting your desires as a vision board or an affirmation, one of the most important aspects of Hill’s principles is FAITH. He discusses this in depth in chapter 3, and if you have already started defining your desires then you are already on your way to applying FAITH.

We don’t have to understand electricity to use it. We just flick a switch and we have power. And you don’t have to understand everything to know that these principles work. Just know that they do!

As you focus on the outcomes of your desires you will be presented with impulses of thought or inspired ideas. Act on them! Even if you are not READY. ACTION, FOCUS and PERSISTENCE will bring you closer to your desires! One step at a time.

I look forward to sharing the next chapter with you as it is one of my favourites and Hill really begins to delve deep into his principles.

Here’s to your success!


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