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Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Chapter 4 Auto-Suggestion

Hi Everyone!

This chapter is only 10 pages long but presents you with your first lesson in Faith. The exercises that were given in the last 2 chapters may have seemed to be breezed over and not explained as fully as you would have liked, however chapter 4 gives you a deeper explanation and reference to these chapters and also to upcoming chapters.

Napoleon Hill spent 25 years studying this subject. He knows what he is talking about. All you have to do is follow the instructions.

As you continue to move through this book you will find references to other parts you may have used before or will be using, because this is a training manual. My copy has been read over and over again and referred to sections that are relevant to me at a particular time. It is also why I have left all discussions open so that you are able to go back to posts that are relevant to you at a particular time.

In this chapter Hill asks that when you finish this book you go back and read this chapter out loud until you understand it. This is a book that is not finished when you read the last chapter. In fact I don’t know of anyone that has left it at that. The majority of well known motivational speakers and life coaches all claim that they started with ‘Think and Grow Rich’. Last week I heard Bob Proctor say that he would never give up his copy and carries it everywhere with him in his briefcase.

What I am saying is that you should be working at your own pace. Don’t worry if you don’t catch it the first time. It will come, I guarantee it. It will click into place. Just persist.

Hill explains in this chapter the reasons why auto-suggestion works and how to improve its strength by intensifying emotion. This was discussed in a previous chapter but now the 2 principles have been blended. Move closer to your affirmation or statement in any way that you can and you will be one step closer to manifesting your desires. ACTION... and not only ACTION but JOYOUS or INSPIRED ACTION is what you are looking to achieve.

Just remember that by mixing emotion with an affirmation you increase its intensity and by using the instructions in the previous chapters you can re-evaluate your statement. You may have been thinking that you had the plan for achieving your goals, or maybe you had no idea, but Hill explains clearly in this chapter that our plans are flawed and that we don’t even have to make a definite plan for how we will achieve our goals. The reason for this is that you will attract the circumstances that you need to achieve that which you desire. So your definite plan should be to expect those opportunities to arise.

We have just to start!

That’s all!

And I promise you that what will begin to happen will cause you to feel so much joy that you will begin to attract more joy and more joy and more joy into your life. And when you feel truly joyous, you will know that YOU have THOUGHT and GROWN yourself into the richest person you can be.

Here’s to your success!


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