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Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Chapter 7 - Organized Planning, Leadership

Hi Everyone!


There is so much I could write about this chapter that I hardly know where to begin. Hill begins by speaking about allying yourself with a network of people that are efficient in not only contributing to your idea or desire but allows you to also contribute to an idea or desire. His main focus in this section is on the importance of ‘sound plans’. If an idea does not work, it is only ever the result of plans that are not sound. Many people would quit if faced with this situation, however, you know that all you have to do is create a new plan! That’s all... create a new plan and persist!

Armed with the knowledge you possess about the power of persistence, temporary defeat and determination, you eliminate the possibility of failure because you haven’t fail until you quit. With this simple philosophy you have instantly turned yourself into a winner. It is important to remember that when you do succeed, the times that you encountered temporary defeat and chose to persist will fall by the wayside so long as you recognize temporary defeat and have the courage to persist in the first instance.

Hill goes on to discuss ‘The Major Attributes of Leadership’. Are you a leader or a follower?
If you prefer to be a follower then you must ensure that you choose a leader that encourages your beliefs and goals. There is a very strong emphasis on the importance of mentorship in many fields, and if this is what you choose, then make sure that you are an INTELLIGENT FOLLOWER.

However, if you do choose to be a leader then you are presented with 11 important factors of leadership.

As a leader you will be expected at times to do more than your followers. To admit that you are ‘too busy’ to do something that is required of your leadership confirms that you are inefficient in some way. Find a way to find the time to fulfil your requirements. A good leader will also be able to train their followers to do whatever the leader can, thus multiplying their ability to be in many different places achieving many different things at one time. It is important to induce the cooperation of your followers and this was focussed on in the instructions in chapter 3. (step 5)

LEADERSHIP BY CONSENT as opposed to LEADERSHIP BY FORCE is discussed in the following paragraphs. LEADERSHIP BY CONSENT is the sign of an enduring leader.

As it is highly important that you create a ‘Master Mind’ group that works in PERFECT HARMONY, you can understand why there is such a focus on this point. Become a leader that would induce you to cooperate if you were a follower. Respect is an effect of your respect for others.

If you are a leader or are considering becoming a leader, you have just been given the fundamentals for enduring leadership. How will you use them?

Here’s to your success!


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