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Monday, 21 July 2008


Hi Everyone!

The Imagination...

We were such proficient users of this faculty when we were children. We built imaginary houses, we drank imaginary cups of tea, we ate imaginary biscuits, built imaginary businesses, fought imaginary enemies, and even cared for imaginary babies. We cooked imaginary stews, chased imaginary robbers, and even created imaginary communities. This was a time when we easily used our ‘creative imagination’.

As we grew older we began to understand that we needed more than 4 chairs with a blanket thrown over them to live in. We understood that an imaginary stew was not going to provide us with the nutrition that is necessary for our survival. Over time, in many cases, we may have begun to leave our ‘creative imagination’ behind and begun to live with our ‘synthetic imagination’ as a guide to what we can and can’t achieve in life.

Hill explains that our ‘synthetic imagination’ ‘merely works with the material of experience, education, and observation’. He follows to explain that the ‘creative imagination’ ‘is the faculty through which ‘hunches’ and ‘inspirations’ are received.’

As we are defining our goals and waiting in a state of ‘expectation’ for opportunities that allow us to attain our goals; we can begin to see the importance of combining the two faculties of imagination.

We must be once again proficient in the use of our ‘creative imagination’ combining the ‘synthetic imagination’ or commonsense to our goals. Remembering also that our ‘commonsense’ may have been influenced by destructive thoughts, and that in some cases it may need adjusting.

The way to improve the efficiency of the ‘creative imagination’ is through USE. We have begun to USE, or improved the use of our ‘creative imagination’ again by writing down our goals, visualising and using our vision boards.

The reason imagination is important in the attainment of our goals is because we need to feel ourselves already in possession of the ‘things’ we desire. And the reason we need to see ourselves already in possession of the ‘things’ we desire is because the subconscious mind begins at once to manifest the vibrational equivalency of our most dominant thoughts.

All IDEAS are mixed with imagination. It is the seed of manifestation. Backed by the principles we have already read about you will begin to form a stronger and more defined point of focus. Then through practiced USE of the ‘creative imagination’, opportunities will begin to be presented to you as Hill states ‘Through the faculty of creative imagination, the finite mind of man has direct communication with Infinite Intelligence.’.

Hill also reassures us not to worry if these principles do not make sense upon first reading them. He invites us after reading this book 3 times to return to this chapter. Once again, I can assure you that this book is not a book that you will only read once, as you will desire a deeper understanding after experiencing results from the principles you do understand. Just keep reading!

Over the next week become aware of USING your ‘creative imagination’ and notice where there may be contradictions between your ‘creative’ and your ‘synthetic imagination’.

Happy manifesting!


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