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Monday, 21 July 2008

Revisiting Instructions in Chapter 2

‘Mass and energy are both but different manifestations of the same thing – a somewhat unfamiliar concept for the average mind.’ Albert Einstein

Hi Everyone,

After reading and comprehending the first 5 chapters I thought it would be a good idea to refer to the instructions given, now that you have a clearer perception of the reasons for their success.
In chapter 2 you are given 6 steps to follow.

The first step is to decide how much money you want to achieve. If you have not figured this out then simply write a list of everything you would like to be able to afford in the next year for instance. Write the amount of money required to achieve this. After calculating what is required for this manifestation you could even break it into monthly amounts giving you a goal to set for a monthly income. For those of you that are familiar with this you may work differently but this is a simple way of starting. Remember though that these desires must be backed by emotion so it must be an amount that you consider achievable. Once you see the results you will be ready to make a new statement knowing that if it worked for that amount it is possible to apply this principle to any amount.

The second step asks what you intend to give in return. If you are unsure of this then make your intention to offer the best personal service you can at all times. Opportunities will present themselves. You may even consider specializing your knowledge as being an intention of service.
The third step is to establish a definite date. This is very important, and self explanatory.
The fourth step is to create a definite plan. This is something we spoke about in an earlier post. Even if you don’t know how you are going to achieve this you can still make a definite plan to increase your personal service and be prepared to receive opportunities that are presented to you. However you decide to define your plan make sure you begin to act on it at once. If it is the best personal service you can offer then make yourself consciously aware of that decision. There is always something you can do right now.

‘If you know what to do to achieve your goal, it’s not a big enough goal.’ Bob Proctor
The fifth step is to write out your statement. You will now have a clear and concise idea of how this statement should read. By reading the chapters 2-5 you now have a strong idea as to why this works. The power of the written statement is something that you are about to discover.
The sixth step is to read out loud and visualise yourself already in possession of the money you desire.

After reading chapters 2-5 you have learnt that a statement must be backed by emotion. The way to intensify this emotion is to take a step closer towards your desire. The way to create the belief that you have the money you desire is through repetition of your desire. The way that the subconscious begins manifestation is through the application of faith. Remember that the subconscious accepts all that it is told as being true, whether it is or not. This is one reason why it is a good idea to stop focusing on what you don’t want and begin focusing on what you do want.
The reason it is so important to be able to visualise yourself already in possession of your desire is because the subconscious mind begins at once to match a thought backed by burning desire and faith with its physical equivalent. Through the application of faith, opportunities will be presented to you that ALLOW your desire to manifest.

Start believing that anything you desire is capable of manifestation! You are collecting the tools and with practice they are undeniably successful. It just takes the commitment to THINK correctly!

Happy Manifesting!


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