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Friday, 8 August 2008

Catch Up Post - Chapter 2 - Desire


What do you desire?

A growing knowledge of what you desire is inevitable for you as you
begin to define your desires and feel the shift in your vibrational
energy. The times when you feel resistance, are the times when you are
out of sync with your desires. Follow your desires using your emotions
as a guidance system. If something doesn’t ‘sit well’ with you then
gently move in a different direction. If you feel any sort of
resistance, then you are out of alignment.

Take the desires that you have been defining and begin to question
them by asking yourself if it is truly what you desire, or whether it
is a reflection of what others desire or expect of you. As you move
into vibrational alignment, your desires have no choice but to begin
manifesting into the physical. If they are not what you truly desire
you will not be able to engage the powerful emotions required to
manifest your desires, and in most cases you will find it difficult to

We all work with one source and that source is infinite and abundant.
There is enough for everyone and it is natural for you to have all
that you desire. Begin to move with the flow of your desires, allowing
them to manifest and become ready for their manifestation. It is
simple to attract these ‘things’... just release your resistance.

In Chapter 2 of ‘Think and Grow Rich’ you are introduced to the power
of visualisation. This will be explored in a further chapter but I
hope you are able to get the practice in with the worksheet and vision

You are also introduced to the first practical steps toward
manifesting your desires. These are again very simple steps but as you
begin to understand these principles you will appreciate their value.

Start to focus on what you do want, whether you are focussed on what
you do or do not want; you are only going to attract more of what you
are ‘thinking’ about.

I hope you are enjoying reading the second chapter and I look forward
to speaking with you again during the week.

Here’s to your success!


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