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Sunday, 31 August 2008

Chapter 12 - The Subconscious Mind

In chapter 12 we have been given a better understanding of how the subconscious mind works. So far we have learnt:

1.The subconscious minds accepts whatever the conscious mind tells it as being truth, whether it is true or false.

2.We can create beliefs through repetition, backed with emotion.

3.The subconscious mind works to manifest what it accepts as being true into its physical equivalent.

Try this exercise to understand how you can strengthen your prayers, meditations or affirmations.

Think of a prayer, meditation or affirmation that you know. Recite it out loud. Notice how your body feels. Feel how your chest feels. Take note of your emotions.

Now on a piece of paper, write your own prayer, meditation or affirmation. Recite it out loud. And again notice how your body and your emotions feel.

Can you notice the emotions and feelings are stronger when it is written by you?

The vibration is always higher when it is something you have created.

Prayers meditations and affirmations are strong tools, so long as you are using them correctly. If you are repeating, and repeating but getting no results maybe it is because you are lacking emotions that strengthen your affirmations or prayers.

We have all heard of ‘the law of attraction’. For some of us it is working but for others you may be wondering where the block is. You may find it easier to consider it as ‘the law of vibration’. It is much easier to consider that however you are vibrating, the subconscious mind will work earnestly to match that vibration into its physical equivalent.

This is why prayers and affirmations are nearly always written in the present tense, and yours should also be written in present tense. It is also why it is important to be able to see, feel and hear yourself in possession of what it is you desire.

Socrates taught us to ‘Know Thyself’. If you have the courage to be truly honest with yourself and begin to KNOW yourself you will realise that you have everything and exactly what you want today... It is not possible for you not to!

Happy Manifesting!


Photo by Nick Lloyd


LITeacher said...

Beautiful photo-very inspirational!
It is true about feeling emotion in your affirmations and prayers.
The more emotion and feeling you put into it- the more things begin to happen to you. And don't forget to accept all of the little opportunities. Don't dismiss them, they are signs that your affirmations are beginning to work. For example: I have been manifesting money. Little by little small amounts of extra money is coming into my life. I was invited to a friend's house for a party to exchange old jewelry for cash. I was a bit skeptical at first but I decided to accept the opportunity and go to the party. I went and came home with $130. When I found out that my friend made $1,000 for hosting the party, I signed up to have the jewelers come to my house and I will host a party. I am feeling quite abundant and exuberant about it and I know that the party will be lucrative for me. If I dissmissed the party I would not have made that money and I would not have the opportunity to host the party and make money. Keep using the affirmations and put some feeling into it!

Julieanne Paige said...

Thanks Maureen :)

My brother took that photo on a recent trip to New Zealand. He will be very happy to know that it is appreciated.

That jewellery party sounds like a hit!

And I know you are the place to go for great affirmations.


LITeacher said...

The jewelry party is September 25th @ 7p.m. I can't wait. I'll let you know how it goes.

Julieanne Paige said...

Definitely! I haven't been to a party like that before :)

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