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Monday, 8 September 2008

Catch Up Post - Chapter 3, Faith

Hi Everyone!

This chapter is one that changed my life. It gave me an understanding
of how faith works and what faith is. Enough so that I am now placed
in a position where I do not judge any religion or belief system as
long as I know that this belief system is bringing their followers to
a place of FAITH. Of course I have my belief systems that suit me but
I also have an understanding of systems that do not.

I am not talking about hope, or wondering whether you receive
something because you do or do not deserve it, I am talking about
KNOWING; knowing that wherever you place your faith, that place is a
FOCUS for manifestation or outcome.

However if this principle doesn’t click into place with you
straightaway then Napoleon Hill offers you a way to deceive your
subconscious into believing what you are telling it through the use of
auto suggestion.

This is where some of us can come unstuck as the trick is to consider
yourself as already being in possession of what it is that you desire.
If this is the first time you are using these exercises you may want
to start with something that you can see as being achievable. By doing
this you can test the validity of these principles and then all you
have to do is keep testing them until you realise that everything you
are asking for is manifesting and you can KNOW that you are able to
THINK BIG. As you begin believing that you are already in possession
of these things the subconscious mind will begin straightaway to
translate your thoughts into their physical equivalent. Just as it
always has but now you have the tools to control these manifestations.
And if you are finding it hard to do this then the exercises Napoleon
Hill offers will convince the subconscious mind and create a different
belief for you

The way to create new beliefs is through repetition and these are the
practical steps needed to achieve new beliefs about what you can have
in your life. There is nothing you can not have if you want it! There
is nothing you can not have if you want it!

I look forward to speaking with you again during the week.

Here’s to your success!


Photo by Nick Lloyd


steven wilson said...

You are so correct with your ending statment of there is nothing you cannot have if you want it.It just might take a little longer than some wish so they give up.

Pasifik said...

cool article!



Julieanne Paige said...

Thanks Steven

Persistence is easier than we think and if we truly understand that that is all it takes to succeed you will never fail.

'You haven't failed until you stop trying'


Julieanne Paige said...

Thanks pasifik

Hope to see you again soon :)


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