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Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Arkad Shares 7 Cures for a Lean Purse

After a request from the King, Arkad shares his secrets with Babylon so that it may become a wealthy city, and offers these 7 cures for a lean purse.

1. For every 10 coins you place in your wallet, spend only nine: This is great advice if you are literally finding yourself with an empty purse. You can take this as a literal lesson, or on a vibrational level as we know that like attracts like, a purse with money in it will attract more money.

2. Control expenditures: Take a piece of paper and write down your necessities in 1 column and your desires in another column. Add your necessities and your desires so that they will only cost up to nine tenths of your income. The rest will come later when you are able to control the money you have now.

3. Make your money multiply: You can start by enjoying compound interest on your savings. Then when you have enough money to start investing, invest your principle, then your principle and your return so that you earn returns on your returns. Compound Interest!

4. Protect your gold: Invest only where you can be guaranteed the return of your principle. Don’t be lured by the chance to make quick money as you begin to accumulate your ‘golden slaves’.

5. Own your home: This is quite self explanatory, not only from a financial sense but also from a spiritual sense. I know at the moment there are financial problems in the world but these problems stem from particular financial indiscretions.

6. Provide for retirement and protection of family: This can be retirement funds, investments or savings but one investment that is vital for the protection of your family is life insurance.

7. Increase your ability to earn: We read about this in ‘Think and Grow Rich’ as ‘Specialized Knowledge’. Keep Learning and Keep Earning. Learn everything you can about your profession and from people who are already successful in your profession.

Understandably there will be opinions on the best ways to achieve these cures, but used as a tool to get you on your way they are extremely beneficial.

Happy Manifesting!


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