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Monday, 20 October 2008

How Do You Feel About Money?

How does money look to you?

What are your views on money? Have you built beliefs that money fixes everything? Or maybe you believe it is the root of all evil and that all rich people are greedy.

What is your motivation for earning money and when you get there how do you think you will feel? You see... having money is not about the ‘things’ it is about the feelings you think they will give you if you have them. Now here’s the great thing... you can choose how you feel. Have you ever stepped out and said ‘I feel a million dollars’? Well this is exactly how you should feel in order to feel abundance manifest in your life.

If you are having negative feelings about money then ask yourself this, ‘If I didn’t have to work 40 hours a week to pay my mortgage, car payments, and utilities etc what could I do for humanity? If I had that extra 40 hours a week, what could I do with them?’ And start focusing on this!

There are many humanitarian millionaires that without the money they have they would not be able to continue their work. Money is a necessity in this world. But it is not what you are searching for. It is the ability to create your life so that it induces the feelings that are important to you.

And the great thing is that you have the ability to create those feelings right now! Focus on the feelings you are trying to obtain and watch the world around you change to match your vibration!

I was going to write to you about the ‘5 Laws of Gold’ however today I feel that it is more important that you understand that you are not working for money but you are working to create feelings.

If you write down the feelings you think you will feel if you had all the money you wanted you might be surprised to find that they are quite easy to be felt today... right now, where you are.

Opportunities will arise and people will come into your lives that match these feelings. If you are wondering what you are feeling... have a look around.
Figure out the feeling you are after rather than the amount of money you think will supply you with this feeling.

A different approach to money will bring different results.

Want to know more about starting to FEEL abundant? Then watch this video!

Happy Manifesting!


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Suzi said...

Hi Julieanne,
This is a great conversation to have, both internally and with others. Ones relationship with money can certaintly dictate ones lifestyle...for good or bad. For me I see money as a tool, it allows me the ability to positivly impact my life and the life of others. The only tool? Definatly not...but a most valuable one!
But like any tool it is how one chooses to use it that will dictate it value.

Julieanne Paige said...

Hi Suzi :)

I have to agree!


Empowering Minds said...

Hi Julieanne,
Again, I want to say how I love your blog and all the wonderful wisdom it contains! I really enjoy "reading a blog book" as I have many aspirations to read so many books but I have more books than minutes and your way gives me the key points I need! I am looking forward to A New Earth. I bought the book pre-Oprah but haven't read it yet. I did read the Power of Now and that is one of my all time favourites!


Martina said...

This is a very inspiring post and something that I needed to read! There are some financial problems that I'm working on right now and I do know that I have to change the way of how I look at it.

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