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Monday, 3 November 2008

'A New Earth' by Eckhart Tolle

Hi Everyone!

I am so excited about being able to use ‘A New Earth’ as a platform to share with you what it means to ‘awaken’.

You are presented with the opportunity to begin to really understand the world you live in and more importantly the world you choose to live in.

I personally understand what an experience like this can do to your world and although challenging at first you will never be able to look at your world in the same way.

For me, just as Tolle has written in his first few pages, it began with the recognition of beauty. My first experience with this happened to me just over 10 years ago and was so overwhelming that I tried to explain to people but felt in some instances I may have been perceived to be some kind of ranting woman.

So I will spare you.

However there is a way to begin to see this for yourself. Tolle explains it through the process of being able to appreciate a flower without naming it a flower. It is a very strong introduction to the world of form and identity that our egos work so hard to protect.

He is speaking about being able to be in a state that is not attached to anything that defines you in this world.

He is speaking about the ability to be able to place yourself in the present state whilst removing the ‘labels’ that we attach to ourselves that define us in this world.

He is speaking about being able to be yourself, denying the identities of being for instance, someone’s mother, father, partner, brother or any other identity you may have given yourself or someone has given to you.

We often try to reach this state through meditation and prayer, gently letting our thoughts float away until we are still.

Once you are able to understand this you will perceive everything and everyone around you differently.

I want to keep this introduction simple so as not to confuse anyone but to give you an insight into what you can expect whilst reading Tolle.

So in the meantime take some time to stop and smell the roses and see if your perception can change by not naming them roses, and you will have started your journey towards ‘awakening’.

Happy Manifesting!



Lydia said...

Great story Julieanne!

Looking forward to future discussions.


Julieanne Paige said...

Hi Lydia

Thank you! This is a great book and am really looking forward to it myself.

Speak soon!


Lea said...

I've read A New Earth and though many of the concepts he mentioned I already knew, it was a good reminder as we tend to forget. Plus his perceptions regarding people and why we think and do things we do were new to me and made a lot of sense. I will not give up this book. I return to it from time to time for a refresher.

Julieanne Paige said...

Hi Lea

Thanks for visiting. I felt the same when I read this book, I already had an understanding of what he was putting forward but there was a couple of great ideas that I hadn't considered.

Thats what makes a great book!

Hope to see you again soon!


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