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Monday, 15 December 2008

Yielding for Clarity

‘Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness.’
Eckhart Tolle

As we continue through Chapter 2 of ‘A New Earth’ we are presented with the above powerful statement. When we find ourselves in unsatisfactory situations, with an understanding of this statement, we can choose to welcome it as an opportunity for growth.

When a ‘bad situation’ arises we can choose either to resist or to yield to the situation.

We know when we are resisting this opportunity for growth as we can feel it. It is an unsettling in the chest or confusion in the mind that denies us the opportunity to examine the situation without trying to defend our identity in some way.

As we are aware, clear and efficient solutions cannot be found in a state of panic or emotional upheaval. There must be an element of yielding to the situation that allows us to deal with the situation appropriately.

Yielding does not mean accepting a situation, but what it does mean is that you are accepting the experience that you are having in the present moment and in turn this choice assures you that the decision you will make is in alignment with the desired evolution of your consciousness or inner self.

These opportunities for growth cannot be recognized whilst focusing on the preservation of identity.

It is necessary to stop and resolve the situation from the viewpoint of the ‘inner self’.

Many spiritual teachers advise us that a situation is only good or bad because we have chosen to label it this way. If we choose to take a bad situation and relate it to the opportunity for growth, would this not now be a good situation?

Next time you are presented with a situation, in which you are unsure how to react, choose to deny your identities for a moment and listen for clarity. Maybe this is why we close our eyes when we are thinking in depth... We are really just asking for a moment to BE.

Happy Manifesting!



Small Footprints said...

This is a wonderful post ... and gives one so much to think about.

Thank you for sharing it!

Small Footprints

suedonim16 said...

Hi Julienne, just want to let you know that this post you shared is very timely for me. thanks!

Susanno said...

Fully agree Julienne...
Sure there are lots of reason on every situation...
Which one to see is our choice..

Another great write ..
Thanks for sharing...

Julieanne Paige said...

Hi Small Footprints

Thank you! I'm very happy to hear that.


Julieanne Paige said...

Hi suedonim16

Thanks for visiting! I have let you know on your blog why this post is also timely for myself.

Hope to see you again soon.


Julieanne Paige said...

Hi Susanno

It really is so more productive to be able to consider situations from this perspective.

Speak soon!


Lydia said...

Hi Julieanne,

Isn't it wonderful how it seems that all we need is always there for us. As someone else posted, this is timely for me too and have posted something similar. I have been busy of late with the holidays and so on, and have not have time to enjoy Tolle with the rest of the group, but stopped this morning with a cup of coffee to read this passage.

Very nice as always Julieanne,
Thanks for this post.

Julieanne Paige said...

Hi Lydia

It is a busy time for many of us but am glad we have been able to exchange coffee breaks with each other :)

I'm heading over for one now!

Glad you like this post.


suedonim said...

Hi Julienne,

I just read your comment & you don't know how much it meant to me. I feel a bit ashamed of myself bec. what I complain about pales in comparison to what your family is going through, but you still made me feel that you understand. Thanks so much.
I wish all the best for your family.

Julieanne Paige said...

Hi Suedonim

Thank you for your kind words. It seems we share the timeliness of this post.

Thank you again.


CoolDeep said...

Hi Julieanne,

The title by Eckhart Tolle
is so true and so true and so true...

It's exactly like saying, not even almost will do, yes exactly like saying 'A Rose is a Rose is a Rose..'

I have experienced what Tole has said. It is so true Julieanne.

Thanks for sharing it with us...

Love & Regards,

P.S: Something for you. It's a quote by an eminient entrepreneur from India by the name of Azim Premji. He says, "It is success that gives us confidence. But it is failures that indeed teaches us the valuable and important lessons|aspects of life. Yes, that's only if we are open and ready to learn..."

Julieanne said...

Hi Kuldeep

Love the quote!It is truly an awakening in every sense when we are able to understand the principles of Tolle. These are not just the ideas of Tolle though we have heard them reiterated for centuries to us. It is really a blessing to be able to find these ideas in one book though.

Speak soon!


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