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Monday, 26 January 2009

Book Review - 'The Little Book of Becoming' by Laurie J. Brenner

‘Practice using nicer words—especially when you’re talking about someone else.
You’re really talking about yourself. When you point the finger out there, there’s always three pointing back at you. And as many masters have said—there’s really only one of us here.

Think about it.’

Laurie J. Brenner

With all the Law of Attraction books out there, it is a breath of fresh air to find one that is written by someone who has truly achieved their dream life through visualization, action and faith.

Laurie makes no promises of millions of dollars or yachts to sail through the Caribbean, just a real and down to earth collection of tools and exercises she and her husband have used to manifest their dreams including their home on the Western Slope of the Sierra Nevada in California.

Laurie offers exercises that allow you to define your current situation and begin to unblock past behavioural patterns that are causing resistance to the manifestations of your desires. Using meditative visualization, amongst other techniques, Laurie has built a life and home that can only be described as a poetic dream.

You will find a treasure trove of enlightening ideas and easy to read theories that encourage us to embrace life, reconnect with Source and enhance our perception from the position of an observer.

This is the perfect book to get real about the Law of Attraction as Laurie explains and introduces the laws that govern it.

To find out more and get your copy! Click Here
To visit Laurie's Blog! Click Here


Small Footprints said...

Thank you for the book review ... it looks like an excellent read!

Small Footprints

TC said...

Sounds like a down to earth book I would like to read, thanks for the heads up!

Julieanne said...

Hi Small Footprints and TC

You're Welcome! Hope you get a chance to check it out :)


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