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Saturday, 3 January 2009

Chapter 3 - The Core of Ego

Hi Everyone!

First I would like to say Happy New Year to you all. This time of year is always great for starting anew, washing away the old and looking forward to the possibilities of the new year.

As we continue reading with Tolle we are now presented with the opportunity to understand what is really at the core of our egos and how the ego works to strengthen itself.

He explains to us that the egoic mind works purely with thoughts, memories and experience. The spiritual mind only knows the present moment to be true existence. It doesn’t recognize any other moment as being truth.

From this simple analogy we can begin to become aware of our reactions to situations and interactions and easily identify whether we are working with the ego or our true selves.

We can also consider the possible contradictions in Descarte’s famous statement;

‘I think – therefore I am.’

If we are in the process of thinking, we cannot be in the present state of I AM.
So, if you find yourself reacting negatively to a situation because it has caused you to remember something, or to recall an experience, you can recognize this as the ego. The spiritual mind, or a reaction from the true self, would know that this situation is not of your true self, as connection to thought is not truth, and will only ever forgive the moment or situation that is separating you from the present moment or the state of I AM... our true selves.

If you are able to recognize this and truly forgive the situation you will feel a release, and it is a physical release as well as mental. You will have been able to weaken the ego and strengthen your true self.

Tolle explains further the ego’s love of complaining and resentment. If you choose to complain or hold resentment the ego celebrates and strengthens.

It is very simple to begin to weaken the ego. All you have to do is become aware. As you become aware and recognize when you are reacting in accordance with the will of the ego you will simply be able to make a different choice. As you continue to practice awareness you will discover that you are actually being presented with an opportunity for forgiveness, and in turn an opportunity to strengthen your true self.

Could it be your New Year’s Resolution?

Happy Manifesting!



Lydia said...

Thanks for the New year wishes, Julieanne! Same to you dear friend.

Wow at all those cool things about you (previous post..10 things about you) How cool to read all that about you :)

What a wonderful summary. Absolutely fantastic! Tolle is so right and writes so simply and yet so eloquently. You can't help, but love his word. And you are the same with your writing.

Am sure that anyone who has not read his books will sure decided to do so after reading your very descriptive summaries.

I have read this book as you might remember in the past, but its great to get a review once again.

He's just amazing!

Thanks my friend for taking the time to do this for all of us.


Julieanne said...

Hi Lydia!

Thank you! especially for the compliment on my writing :)

re:10 things - I am generally a very private person but thought it would be a little fun so glad you enjoyed it!

Speak soon!


Empowering Minds said...

Hi Julieanne!
Happy New Year!!
Oooh that Ego! I will be glad for the day that my awareness takes the top position over the ego!! I love the mention of the Decartes quote. I had read this in another enlightening book somewhere and it was reversed to say "I AM, therefore I think". This puts the ego in it's rightful place I think! ;)
Still love your blogs!


yolanda said...

agreed julianne. it's a great summary. as always, thank you for sharing :-)

happy new year to you too, and congratulations on all your wonderful blog awards. you deserve them!

peace and love,


Julieanne said...

Hi Lisa

Hope you had a great New Year! Love that quote... definitely puts the ego in it's place :)

Speak soon!


Julieanne said...

Hi Yolanda

Thank you! Hope you are off to great start for the new year!

Speak soon!


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