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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

The Pain Body

‘Although the body is very intelligent, it cannot tell the difference between an actual situation and thought.’

Eckhart Tolle

Many of us, if not all of us, have engaged in conversations or exchanges of emotions that feed our hungry pain bodies.

Tolle refers to the pain body as an almost separate entity to our true selves. It feeds on negative emotions and thoughts and is something we share and some of us more than others.

Think back to a conversation, maybe you had with a friend over coffee or the like and there was an exchange of complaints and sharing of bad situations between you both. You may remember anticipating your turn to complain or fervently racking your brain for something else to add the consuming conversation.

It is true that sometimes it does feel good for a while to let off some steam; however there can be a different approach that foregoes the instant gratification by choosing not to elevate the pain body to a necessary status.

By becoming aware when you are collecting energy for your pain body, you can choose to react differently. When you come across a person looking to feed their pain body, you can choose just to listen instead of feeding them by returning your own painful story or by entering into the drama of their story. Also by not reacting emotionally to the conversation the person will subconsciously begin to calm down as the pain body realizes it is not going to find the energy it is looking for with you.

We can also see the collective pain body evidenced through nations and races. Generations can carry the pain body of ancestors for instance with the Jewish community, Native Americans or African Americans. It can also be recognized in the differences between countries with a long history of war or conflict compared to relatively new countries that do not carry such a painful past.

We know that many gamblers are consumed by their pain bodies, and are often addicted to the losing and the teetering on the edge of devastation rather than what most people would presumably think... winning.

There are also times that you may find yourself addicted to unhappiness. You will usually blame it on external situations or people but once you recognize it for what it is, you soon realize it is you, just not the true you.

It is truly life changing when you can become aware of your pain body in your reactions and interactions. And how can you begin to heal your toxic relationships?

It is really as simple as awareness.

Happy Manifesting!



Anonymous said...

Hi Juliene,

I think its interesting calling it the pain body. Though I can understand the concept that's for sure. I have been studying emotional memories in the brain for sometime and its definately similar. A memory comes up and is triggered by an event or a conversation, etc. and within two minutes you can be revisiting the experience just like it was yesterday. You have a choice to either share it or shift your focus to something else. Thouhg at times revisiting this can be axcruciating it can be lessoned as well by adding on to it each time. I think its fascinating the way our brain works, don't you? The same is true for the very Happy body as well it is emotionally remembered and is always in play as well.Thankfully it works both ways!

Julieanne said...

Hi Anonymous

I definitely find the brain fascinating, and it is true re the happy body. Maybe this is why they say laughter is contagious :) An exchange of uplifting energy.

Thanks for visiting!


Sunset Mentality said...

I completely agree that non-reaction to peoples complaints or pain stories can cause the spiraling situation to end and the person to stop complaining. However, if the steam they actually did need to let off is just bottled up it may not be the best approach. It helps to know the person.

Eric Berg Pain Magic said...

I know there was many kinds of understanding guys, and i learn in all of you,for sharing your own ideas about it.

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