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Thursday, 12 March 2009

Guest Writer - Leslie Smith B.Msc

Cosmic Jokes/Cosmic Truths by Leslie Smith B.Msc

You may find no rhyme or reason to what is written below, and then again, maybe you will. It is not written in a linear fashion. It may jump around to and fro. Maybe you will find something in this that speaks to you, and maybe you won't. Enjoy the journey, my friends!)

The cosmic joke is that you were born sinful. There are some religions in this world that believe that when you are born, you are automatically sinful. Does this ring as truth to you? Or, do you believe it because it’s what you’ve been taught? The cosmic truth is that you were born completely innocent. You chose to come here before you entered the wind of birth. You are not a physical body experiencing in a physical world. You are a Spiritual Being who temporarily inhabits the particular body you have chosen to experience with, in this physical world.

The cosmic joke is that we think we can find all of the answers in the outside world. We pick up all the self-help books that we can find, we read all of the spiritual literature out there, and yet, we still have that feeling that something is missing. Of course, books and such are great guides, and can help us when needed, however, when searching for Spiritual Truths, those things can’t always be found in books or through another person. That is because each person has their own experiences of Truth, and Jane’s experience and Joe’s experience will not be the same as your experience. The cosmic truth is that all spiritual knowledge is floating freely for all to grasp, for all to reach, yet we sit idly by and watch it pass before us. All knowledge you yourself are privy to. If you want to know something, there are ways in which you can access this knowledge on your own. The simplest way is asking for the knowledge to be given to you. Ask and you shall receive. For those of you who are Bible readers, this simple truth can be found in the in the Book of Matthew, Chapter 7, Verse 7. This is what it says: “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.”

The cosmic joke is that you are not worthy of anything. How often, as you grew up, did you get compared to others as far as grades went, regarding the clothes you wore, the way you looked, the friends you had, or the house you lived in? This could have created low self-worth, or low self-esteem. Still today, as an adult, these comparisons still take place, whether from the mouths of others, from television, from magazines, or most likely, the own comparisons that you make upon your own self. The cosmic truth is that you are worthy of everything. There is nothing that compares to you. You are already perfect, no matter what you look like, no matter how smart you are, no matter what kind of job you hold, no matter what kinds of ‘things’ you have acquired throughout your life.

The cosmic joke is that our minds must conform to whatever society says. The cosmic truth is that we must release our minds, free them from the eternal prisons that we have created for them. Once we free our minds, we will be able to see those things which once seemed invisible. We will see with our Spiritual Vision all of those answers that we have been seeking.

The cosmic joke is that in order to have a meaningful life, you must grow up, get married and have a family. You must have someone to love and to love you back. This teaching causes pain in so many young people and adults alike. They constantly search and search for this perfect love. That perfect love cannot be found outside of you. The cosmic truth is that the only love that matters is the love you have for your Self. If you cannot love your Self, then you are unable to fully understand what love is. If you cannot love your Self, then no one will be able to love you because you will be looking for something in someone that does not even exist. You will not be able to love another human being because you don’t know what true love is. Love is more than an emotion, more than a word.

The cosmic joke is that God is a person, that we must fear him, that we must do right by him or else! The cosmic truth is that God is not a person. He (and I use this term loosely for ease of description purposes only) does not inhabit a physical body. God is Love. Love is Energy. God is pure and infinite energy. God does not possess human emotions such as fear, jealousy, guilt, or anger. God does not wish to punish his child. You are his child. You are him, and He is yYou. You are the only one that seemingly punishes yourself.

The cosmic joke is that we must have a belief in something. The cosmic truth is that we must release all of our beliefs. Instead of believing in something, we already have an inner knowing of what Truth is. Many people call this intuition. How often do we listen to that voice of intuition, that gut feeling? When we choose to believe in something, we are creating yet another fancy box to put our minds into. There is a vast difference between belief and certain knowing. We must accept it and know it instead. When we release our minds, we will experience what we are in its entirety. When we only have belief, we have trapped ourselves into an idea of limitedness. We are not small. We are indeed quite grand.

The cosmic joke is that your success is dependent upon how much money you have in the bank. We think that we must forever climb the corporate ladder in order to be successful. We think that those who are seemingly powerful are those who have money. The cosmic truth is that it does not matter what role you have in the social work place. It does not matter how much money you have or do not have. It does not matter if you are an employer or an employee, or if your husband or respectively, your wife, is the president, vice president, or receptionist, etc. of any company. Success has nothing to do with money. Success is a matter of the heart.

The cosmic joke is that you are the victim of your past. There may have been people who you think wronged you, and you have not forgiven them, and you may not plan on forgiving them. The cosmic truth is that you are not a victim, but unto yourself. The truth is that no other person can make you feel anything that you don’t want to feel. The truth is that no one can take your own power away from you. The truth is that forgiveness is the medicine you have been looking for to help heal yourself. You are responsible.

The cosmic joke is that there are individuals running around this planet, and a select few we call ‘guru’ or ‘master’. The cosmic truth is that we are not here to bow to anyone’s feet, or to kiss anyone’s hands. There is only ONE guru, ONE master, and that is YOU. You are all there is. You hold all of the knowledge.

The cosmic joke is that you only live on Earth, and you are separate from everyone else. The Cosmic truth is that each and every person and thing that you see are all reflections of yourself, parts of your own creation. When you judge another person, you are indeed placing judgment upon yourself. When you laugh at another person, you are indeed laughing at yourself. When you love another person you are indeed loving yourself. When you give to someone else, you are indeed giving to yourself. The cosmic truth is that only part of your vibration resides on earth, and your other energy signatures are existing simultaneously within all dimensions, and in all galaxies and all universes experiencing and creating. The cosmic truth is that you are within everything, living within every individual that you see, within every plant, within every animal, within every object, and within the unseen. The cosmic truth is that you are Consciousness. You are the whole she-bang.

The cosmic joke is that you have to look outside of yourself to find God. Because of this cosmic joke, you have been on an endless journey of seeking something that you’ll never find. The cosmic truth is that God has always been within you, as you have always been within God. You’ve never been separated from God, Source, Spirit, Mother, Father, Goddess, Infinite Being, whatever name you wish to call Consciousness. The cosmic truth is that God is not something to be found. God IS. The Cosmic truth is that you have just fallen asleep for a while. It’s been no time at all, outside of this physical world since you fell asleep. Outside of the physical, there is no such thing as time. God had a thought and that thought created everything which you are seeing now. Within this thought, there was also another thought of being separate for a little bit. God (you), wanted to experience things physically, and so he (you) thought about it. That thought is what you are living out right now. But that thought was only a thought! God (you) has all of these seemingly separate individual lives, all experiencing different things, which was what God (you) wanted to do. In reality, you are where you began, never apart from God (you). All parts of the Whole are together, right now. If you woke up fully, at this very moment, you would see that you never went anywhere at all!

The cosmic joke is that death is something to be afraid of. We spend so much time worrying about death, that it seems like we’re actually wasting our lives instead of living them. Look at all the danger signs on the roads, on medicine, on everything that we eat or do. Look at all the safety rules. If you have kids, I’m sure you always tell them, “Be careful…(fill in the blank)” The cosmic truth is that death is not to be feared. To all things physical, there is a beginning and an ending. Yes, you should take care of your physical body, for it is an honor to inhabit one. However, death is only a transition. When we leave this physical life, our Being is free again, free to flow wherever it wishes to flow, still quite alive, and absolutely beautiful.

The cosmic joke is that everything you deem as your reality is really happening. If you’ve ever read A Course in Miracles, the first thing you will read is this profound statement: ‘Nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God’. Wow. Try to wrap your mind around that one! The Cosmic truth is that everything you deem as your reality is an illusion. You are simply asleep right now.

The cosmic joke is that as you sit here, you read the words upon this page as if I were writing them. Yet, the cosmic truth is that you have written these words yourself, and you are also reading them. How can that be? You are speaking to yourself. For I and you are One.

In the Light,
Copyright 2008 Leslie D Smith All Rights Reserved

Leslie is an author of spiritual and metaphysical titles, a freelance and e-book writer and has contributed to several online publications. Additionally, she is a philosopher, visionary and is also working on her Doctorate in Metaphysics.

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Jessica said...

Wow, you laid it all out there! That's life in a blog-shell. My favorite: The truth is that forgiveness is the medicine you have been looking for to help heal yourself.
Great job. Thank you.

Nina E J said...

This is very inspiring - I was graped from the beginning to end. Good writing. I love the ending especially, it makes me go 'wow'
Good job !

Julieanne said...

Hi Jessica and Nina

Thanks for visiting. Leslie has some great insights. I hope you have the time to pop in and visit her :)


Leslie Smith, B.Msc. said...

I appreciate your comments, Truly!

Julieanne, thanks for having me!

Many Blessings,

Julieanne said...

Hi Leslie!

You're always welcome :)

Blessings to you


marry said...

Blogs are so informative where we get lots of information on any topic. Nice job keep it up!!

MBA dissertation

Julieanne said...

Hi Marry!

So glad you found it informative. Thanks for visiting!



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