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Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Guest Writer - Todd Schaefer

The Right Kind of Prayer - by Todd Schaefer

I had a revelation yesterday when I was mowing the lawn in the fun summer sun. I observed how some things which I’ve prayed for in the past have quickly manifested, while others, not so quickly. I noticed how when I began praying for the right things, I was given them. So what is praying for the right things?

Would it be practical to pray for a new car to manifest out of thin air when our desire is transportation to the next block? Would it make more sense to simply pray for transportation? Or walk?

Here’s another example. Let’s say we believe we need a new job because things aren’t going well at our current job. So we pray and pray for a new job, yet a new job doesn’t show up when we prayed for it to show up. Instead of praying for a new job when we feel insecure, why don’t we pray for faith instead? Praying for the types of things that God can give us now - like virtues - is always easier for us to receive than praying for some future thing which we have little control over right now.

Praying for the future

Although it’s great to focus on the end result when we pray, we must be careful not to project our receiving the end result at a future time.

Why does that matter?

It matters because the creative power that we have as humans lies in the present. Since our creative power is the power that we have now, our constant projection of ourselves into the future will not only make us feel less vibrant and present, it will also perfectly manifest that way. In other words, we will perfectly create ourselves as having something we’ve prayed for in a future point in time in each present moment we experience.

This means that every moment we expend trying to control some future moment will create the reality in the present moment of us repetitively experiencing “wanting to receive such and such in a future moment.” For example, “I know I’ll get married in the future,” might become an unfortunate mantra that exists well into our 80’s if we don’t practice praying for it in the present.

Receive it Now

If we want to receive it now, then we must receive it now. Pray to receive healing now. Pray to receive abundance now. As we ask for it, we must allow the feeling of it to arrive in our bodies. Don’t effort it - just feel. The goal is feeling it, and enjoying it. This is not a mental exercise that you can succeed or fail at. Setting intentions over an over is not an effective course of action to receive because it’s based on mistrust and lack. That would be like starting to build a sandcastle but destroying it and starting over before making any progress because we’re afraid it might rain. Instead, let’s make one intention. Then, let’s spend all of the rest of our time and energy feeling the reality of ourselves having what we asked for and receiving it.

The same goes for prayer. Let’s not pray for something that God cannot easily provide us with now. We can pray for anything, but what will be granted to us quickly and efficiently by God, our Angels, and our Higher Selves will usually be what serves our highest good, that which is in most alignment with us, and what we are allowing ourselves to receive.

Universally Supported

I sometimes get this vision of some of my angels sitting together playing poker. Some are smoking cigars with visors on, raising antes, sitting in wooden chairs with their wings draped over the backs of them, and of course - always listening. They always wait vigilantly with full attention, tuned into our requests; waiting to support us; waiting for us to pray with the right requests. Often, they can sit and relax because many of our requests are based in lack and victimhood, which they can’t do much to support us except to nudge us into asking the right questions and moving into the right directions.

When we do ask the right questions, when we are in alignment with our inner truth and Universal Law, those angels jump out of their chairs. Poker chips fly everywhere onto tables and floors, chairs are knocked over in haste, the cigar smokers choke and cough unexpectedly, and all of the aces of spades up their sleeves are left behind as the angels' priorities suddenly change. The poker room is empty. Instantly, they've rushed down to support our choices, prayers and requests in all ways possible.

Effective Prayer

As our consciousness growth continues, our prayers naturally become more effective. Some of the best prayers request that our blessings go towards the focal point for the highest good possible. This is a very spiritual prayer because it supports the best good, instead of what ‘we think’ is best. These additional blessings could help to make something good happen, prevent something unnecessary from happening, add a little bit more of what is needed somewhere, and so forth. A prayer asking 'to be guided in prayer,' for example, or 'to be of service to God and others' is a prayer that will always be supported. A masterful prayer requires incredible trust, acceptance of ‘What Is,’ and belief that what is happening is divine, and set up for our growth.

Whenever we are in alignment with Universal Law, in alignment with ourselves, asking out of compassion and trust instead of ego or lack, we will generally feel (or even see) immediate results. For example, instead of praying for a new job, let’s pray for faith in our ability to recognize that our request has been heard – and then receive it. Instead of praying that our obnoxious neighbor moves away, let’s pray for tolerance – and then receive it. Instead of praying that we don’t have to get up on stage and speak in front of others, let’s pray for courage that we get through it okay – and then receive it.

The spiritual confidence that arrives with utilizing our courage is the kind of self-actualization which can’t be unlearned. It’s a testimony of Self-Recognition. This is not recognition of our mind’s view of our human self, but recognition of our Spiritual Essence. Such faithful living is naturally rewarded with fewer fears, more joyous presence, confidence, compassion, generosity and time to spare for others. Through our prayer, what once was a frantic mental effort to keep track of all aspects of our lives becomes the simple focus of one aspect in our lives – Spiritual Surrender.

Life happens with perfection. We practice mastership when we allow life to serve us. Sometimes, we believe life to be a burden or a complaint. When we’re not in victim mode, however, we tend to flow with life more gracefully and even positively. When we have total trust and spiritual surrender, we eagerly anticipate each moment as an opportunity to recognize God in any situation. And unto each person’s belief, it shall be done.

c2008 Todd Schaefer

Todd is the founder of the Soul Solutions Healing Group, which features a team offering widely, varied spiritual writings from many different voices serving as a profound teaching and learning instrument for a wide variety of audiences. You can find out more about Todd and the team at SSG by visiting their website and blog.

Visit: Soul Solutions Healing Group Website

Visit: SSG Team Blog


Marvin D. Wilson said...

Thanks for posting this. I am an admirer of Todd's writing, his spiritual essays and insights. I had not read this one before and it is not only well written, it is SPOT ON.


Julieanne said...

Hi Marvin

Great to see you here. I often pop over to have a quick visit to you. Todd is certainly very insightful. I have really been blessed by getting to know him and the team at SSG.

Hope to see you again soon.



Todd Schaefer, SSG Admin said...

Wow! Thanks guys! I'm honored to read these comments. And, of course, I think highly of the both of you and your writings. I love to feature your works on my blog, too!

Julieanne said...

Hi Todd

Thank you :)

Speak soon!


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