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Tuesday, 10 March 2009

A Message For You

If starting seems too far away, then stillness is where to start.

Beginnings are endless and endings timeless. As we embark on a new journey, the journey can only be experienced in the moment that it is happening. This is why stillness is the place to start, as all of nature reveals its true nature in the stillness of ‘I Am’.

Take any creature or living organism and study how it remains in the moment that is now. It does not live in the past or the future but attends to its needs as they arise.

This is how to live.

In the presence of your true self, which is the self in the present moment.

How do you feel?

The freedom of a bird is yours when you are able to lift yourself to a new beginning. The height and the soar of the bird will pale in comparison to the envelopment of love you will feel when you choose to recognize you.

How long will it take?

When will you start?

In the stillness you will start, in the ending you will be. It is you at all times.

It is time to start remembering...




Suzi said...

Hi Julieanne...just checking in...hope all is well with you! Suzi

Julieanne said...

Hi Suzi!

Great to see you. Seems you have been very busy :) Just so you know... You have my vote for your grant. Will pop over soon.

All is well and I hope also with you.

Speak soon


CoolDeep said...

Wow.. such a lovely post Julieanne.. It simply touched my heart, or should I say the 'stillness of my heart."


Thank you!

Love & regards,


Julieanne said...

Hi CD!

Thank you! Hope all is well with you :)Great to have you back in the blogosphere!



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