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Friday, 8 May 2009

Eckhart Tolle - 'Responsibility'

After reading 'A New Earth' and understanding the concept of living in the present moment, I thought it would be interesting to hear Tolle speak about the role responsibility plays.

There can often be excuses for not being able to take the time to focus on your true self as there are time commitments and responsibilities to work and family... but there is a way.

Happy Manifesting!



Nathan said...
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Nathan said...

Great to watch! 'The Power of Now' is a favorite of mine.

Diane Meier said...

I'm always excited whenever someone is reading and discussing Eckhart Tolle's books. I've learned more from him than anyone I've ever encountered as an author. I know it's because his words come from that "Stillness" that resonates with all who recognize they, too, are the Stillness, or Spirit.

Julieanne said...

Hi Nathan!

Glad you enjoyed it. 'The Power of Now' may be the next book we read. The voting poll goes up tomorrow. Hope you'll drop by and cast.

Thanks for visiting. Love your poetry. Very authentic.



Julieanne said...

Hi Diane!

Great to meet you. I noticed in your profile you are a 'fan' (probably not the best description) of Krishnamurti. I have loved his teachings for a long time.

In fact there were quite a few things that I love in your profile.I have really enjoyed these past months discussing Tolle and I am sure we will be reading him again at some point.

Thank you for visiting!



Mysticle said...

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