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Saturday, 6 June 2009

SSG Talk Show - 'A Course in Miracles' Episode #12

I wanted to share the second synopsis I have written for my friends at Soul Solutions Healing Group. The team are in their 12th week of their radio show and are currently discussing the Workbook Lessons from 'A Course In Miracles'. Their listeners are growing every week and the show is great for a lighthearted and informative discussion.You can follow the links to access the show or use the Blogtalk Radio badge on this blog.

Hello everyone!

We would like to share that Episode #12 of the SSG Talk Show is now available for listening/download. You may access the show for free on the SSG Team Blog, via iTunes, as well as at our show's Blogtalkradio address.

This week, Todd and Ronnie discussed Lesson #36 following a discussion about commitment and surrender. The show aired for 1.5 hours.

Todd and Ronnie began the show by celebrating 3 months airing of SSG Talk Show. This led to discussing the power of commitment and surrender.

It is important that we act in a way that serves God, ourselves and others in a way that is joyful. If we act in a way that brings us joy it will also bring joy to others. When we are committed spiritually, we notice that we maintain more of a centred feeling instead of being pulled out of alignment and seeing that our commitment soon becomes an obligation. Surrender to joy and tap into the inner self.It is a spiritual renewing through truthful self expression.

Commitment is surrender in a spiritual sense. Commitment is measured by our willingness to surrender. We should embrace, accept and welcome commitment and surrender wholeheartedly. This is why it feels refreshing and brings a sense of strengthening pathways, ties and connections.

If we surrender to God, we will always move in the right direction which will remove any guilt we feel as we return to our spiritual center and are no longer separated from God. Through acceptance of a situation we remove any resistance and allow action that is in alignment with our true self. This surrendered action allows an entirely new expression to come through and brings new joyful experience. Surrender your agenda, become flexible and embrace the challenges life presents us with.

Take daily routine and activities and consciously choose to use them as an exercise in surrender. Immerse ourselves emotionally and consciously to these activities. If we surrender we will find our joy. When we are focussed on higher joy being out of reach, we will never find what is within our grasp. If we are reacting negatively, choose a different reaction and let it go. By doing this we create access to our higher joy right now, in the present moment. The only higher joy we can have is what we have right now. This moment is the only moment we can experience our higher joy.

Continued practice of surrender and allowing ourselves to be led somewhere inside allows our experience to become something different. Our agendas are not always the most efficient use of our time. Often surrender can be the most effective way to use time. With surrender a new priority list will arise and one that is more effective for spiritual growth. Allow the Holy Spirit to guide our agendas as to when things have to be done. Surrender our agendas and welcome the present moment. We offer better service and receive deeper insight by fully investing ourselves into what is happening right in front of us. Choosing to focus on one thing at a time relieves any feeling of being overwhelmed. If anything is worth addressing, it is worth giving your attention to it for that moment.

The only pressure we have is the pressure we place on ourselves. When we feel negative we can remind ourselves that this is not our joy and consciously place ourselves back into alignment of our higher joy.

Spiritual mentors, friends or anybody that we go to for balance, roundness or support benefits us most when they are centered. How is it that they make us feel better? It is the presence they hold for us. We respond to calm and centeredness if we are off balance. Through someone just listening to us their presence can transmute to us and this helps to bring us back to the present moment.

Focus opens doors to express God’s love. When someone opens to us we feel the love of God, creation and all energy. Focus is an expression of love.

Future and past are false realities and the present is the only real reality. When we focus on the future or the past this is the faculty of ego. We have very little influence over the past or the future because our power is in the Now. Completion of our agendas is not important. What is important is the focus and the movement into the present moment as we are doing whatever we are focussed on. One of the highest forms of service is to remain in the present moment in front of someone.

We are spiritual and become more present because of our spirituality. Our presence is an effect of our spirituality.

Lesson #36 ‘My holiness envelops everything I see.’

When working with focus and presence we are coming more from spirit than ego. Ego wants us to be scattered. Holiness starts with presence. Everything within is the cause and what is outside is the effect. If something does not exist within us we would not be able to perceive it outside of us.

Perception is the bridge between the spiritual and the physical. Our holiness created what is around us and there is no part of us that is not within our surroundings as our surroundings are an effect of what is within us.

There is no time in spirit and because there is no time there is no distance. As we are one, our perception is more than our perception of how near or far something is - it is us, right now. Our holiness envelops close things as well as distant things. It envelops what is in you and what is in others. Your holiness envelops all that is in the universe. You hold all that is within you in the same instance that another person can hold all that is within them. This is the unity of all things, simply because I Am.

Being sinless is not so much a matter of forgetting, it is simply a matter of loving ourselves. It does not matter what we did in the past or what we may do in the future because past and future are false realities. What is important is finding a place where we love ourselves right now, in the present moment. Being sinless means seeing and feeling yourself with love.

Forgiveness happens right now. Loving ourselves for what has occurred happens right now. Many people react from experience instead of the present moment. When you see the Now, there are no triggers of the past or concerns for the future. Being focussed in the present is allowing the flow of love which is joy and expression of God’s love.

Sinless or not? You can not be a little sinful. If we have not forgiven ourselves or we see ourselves as sinful to any degree right now, we perceive ourselves as having sin.


Anything that we see outside of ourselves we see through ourselves first. So anything we think we see we are seeing the light shining through us. If we think of ourselves as being a prism we are seeing the light through ourselves first and transmuting it out. In order to see anything at all we need to see it within first. Images and perceptions have to come through us first. If we are the prism and if light must shine through us then we are the creator of all color, and if everything must come through us then we are the creator of all we see and all we experience because we are creating the color. Perception is what happens in us that allows us to be able to see the color.

By changing within we can change the filter we place over our projections. What we are going through on the inside characterizes those images and projections. Sometimes we focus more on the projection rather than the projector itself.


deped teacher said...

Can i join your inspired blog roll

James S Saint said...

It is hard to tell who wrote it, but the Episode #12 posted is an excellent truth and well written. :))

Julieanne said...

Hi James!

Thank you! It was written by me but taken from their discussions on the show. So I suppose you could say it is a team effort from the 3 of us :)



Julieanne said...

Hi Deped teacher!

Thanks for visiting! I will definitely pop over for a visit.



Aslay Sin said...

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