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Friday, 10 July 2009

The Pain Perception

‘The pain that you create now is always some form of nonacceptance, some form of unconscious resistance to what is.’

Eckhart Tolle

When we try to manipulate what is into something that suits us we can truly begin to see our creative abilities and our freedom to create.

We always work to change our perception of a situation so that it aligns with our current sense of being. When we are able to understand this we can see that it is just as easy to perceive a situation in a way that is more aligned with our true selves.

At that moment we have a choice. Will we choose separateness and denial or will we choose wholeness and truth?

The person that decides the perception is you and can only ever be you.

When we choose to force our perceptions onto another person this becomes judgement. When we are judging another person we are in essence trying to control another’s perception which is a clear indicator of insecurity and denial of truth. As I have written before ‘The truth does not need to be defended’, therefore, you can relax.

The focus then shifts to the choice about your perceptions. The fear of judgement becomes a sign of insecurity and denial of truth. Be bold!

Show the world your true self. Don’t be afraid of the future or be caught in the emotion of the past. Let it go and you will see the emotional pain you hold so close is a choice to hold onto an illusory perception.

Sometimes we may feel that this is inappropriate or that we should give a situation its ‘dues’ as those around us expect us to behave in a certain manner. Become aware that our emotions are our choice in every situation.

With one simple choice we can move our energy. We can stand in truth and the only truth is in the Now. It is the only place to be in our natural state, which is a state of love.

How will you choose to experience your perceptions?

Happy Manifesting!



Tomas said...

Yes, the truth does not need to be defended indeed. I need just to accept the truth - not to fear to awake and to say Hello LOUDLY.
You say "our emotions are our choice in every situation" Thus my current applause to you is my choice- lets be the friends.

Julieanne said...

Hi Tomas!

I would love that :)




Hi friend, peace...
Your post very interesting.
If you willing visit my blog, and read my post at
And... if you love books, read The Holy Qur'an please...

Julieanne said...

Hi Aristiono!

Thank you for visiting. I find the Holy Qur'an very interesting. There is so much we can learn from each other. Some of the most fascinating things I have found are the miracles of Jesus in the Holy Qur'an. In the Christian Bible there is no mention of Jesus speaking as a baby or of him breathing life into a clay bird. I have a wonderful friend who hosts a forum where you can ask questions about Islam on a peaceful platform. You may like to visit it at You may enjoy the community and the work that he does to share Islam with others.



... said...

please join my blog!

mothersalways said...

Pain is not always created by ourselves but we 'allow' it to grow and fester because we resist change. It’s true ’emotions are our choice in every situation’ ...therein lies the problem . The message is inspiring, thank you.

Julieanne said...

Hi Mothersalways!

Thanks for visiting and for your kind words.

Great to meet you!



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