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Wednesday, 1 July 2009

SSG Talk Show - 'A Course in Miracles' Episode #15

Please enjoy the latest synopsis I have written for my friends at Soul Solutions Healing Group. If you haven't had a chance to tune in yet check out the widget on the left side bar or follow the links below. It is a great way to nurture your spirit!

Hello everyone!

We would like to share that Episode #15 of the SSG Talk Show is now available for listening/download. You may access the show for free on the SSG Team Blog, via iTunes, as well as at our show's Blogtalkradio address.

Todd and Ronnie discussed Lesson #41 after introducing the new Community Responder program and the latest post on ‘Be Inspired Today’ by Julieanne Paige.

The new Community Responder Program allows the Spiritual Q&A’s sent to SSG to be responded to by the community as well as the SSG team. Guidelines can be found at, where you can find out how to be a community responder. It is a great way to express your spiritual practice and service. Responding not only helps the person with the question but it also helps the responder as it allows us to consider why and how we think about situations. It is an opportunity to get in touch with our core being and energies and to tap into who we are at a deeper level.

Todd shared and discussed the post ‘Presence’ which can be read here, from Be Inspired Today.


The real truth is in the Now, not in the future or the past. When we discuss spirituality it is an experience to be understood rather than something that can be intellectually discussed. If you are in the mind when you are having a spiritual experience you will be busy trying to label or justify the experience rather than feeling the experience.

Tolle speaks about emotion being the body’s reaction to the mind. Abraham-Hicks describes emotions as key point indicators for what you want to experience. When we are in a joyful state, we are in alignment. If we are not in a joyful state we can always become aware and choose to return to that joyful state.

Following joy is very important but there are also times that we must past limitations. We have to find a way to step outside of that limitation or comfort zone to disperse fears either by addressing them or going straight through them.

ACIM says that even if you renounce something in the face of fear you have changed it. It doesn’t matter if you don’t feel it at the time but you have automatically changed it. You don’t have to reach an ultimate state of peace to have made a difference to the fear.

It’s not always about ‘feel goods’. You can focus on the joy, experience the joy, and walk away from the fear but if you have specific things you want to do, fears to face or healing, then these things have to be resolved, which is different to adding another ‘feel good’.

God is fully in the here and the Now and cannot be anywhere else. Fears are always based on the past, the future, what was, what will be, or what you think will be. Fears come from things that we have experienced in the past or think will happen in the future.

Presence will cause you act in peace and love. Fear cannot exist in the present moment. Ego can only exist in the past or future. Spirituality and fragmentation cannot coexist. God is not fragmented in any way so the present moment cannot be fragmented. God is whole, complete and eternal. Fear cannot exist in the present because the present is whole and fear is fragmented.

Become aware of the ego.

Lesson #42 ‘God goes with me wherever I go.’

This statement gives a sense of activity. A different way of putting this quote could be ‘No matter where I go, God is with me’. It doesn’t matter where we are, or what we are doing. It is telling us where all the power is.

If God is in everything how can God be against anything. The spirit of holiness is within and around us all the time and we think so often that we are separate from God. The power of God is within us if we are willing to look inward for it. It is accessible to everybody. Just practicing that can change the experience of your self.

Sometimes our belief systems can prevent us from considering or just being in a new way. A belief is what you have temporarily until you have the knowing of truth. We do always have God with us and we express this when we express love and joy.

Simplifying spirituality is important and even vital. What matters most is people creating spirituality that is comfortable and allows the space for empowerment. God is not hard and we don’t have to make it hard.

We can express Godliness in anything we do. We just have to ask ‘What type of experience do we want to have with ourselves?’ Open up to a broader experience of ourselves.

You cannot think your way to spirituality. Keeping it simple goes beyond thinking. Sometimes rituals can keep us caught up in the mental part of spirituality.

God is everywhere. When you fully experience any other thing or person, it will feel like it is an amplified experience of you.

The experience of what it feels like to have a spiritual experience is to find a place of comfort and protection and a feeling of returning home. We can call on these experiences when we are in a place of fear. Move right back into experiencing more of God and less of the illusion.

Marianne Williamson said ‘If you’re not thinking of God you are not thinking at all. It is an illusion.’ To some it is not a priority and it depends on where our priorities are but it can become a natural thing.

Any discomfort we may feel is because we are basing the ‘right now feeling' on the experience of the past or what may be in the future. When we see someone we know, we see what they have been in the past or what they could be in the future. Fear, a lot of the time is bouncing back from what was and what could be and is not centered in the present.

We are never alone and are always surrounded by love. God goes with us wherever we go. When we experience God there is never a feeling of separation or loss.

Currently in the world, spiritually speaking, the old structures are breaking down and the new ones are emerging. When we choose to take responsibility for our experience we eliminate the external factors that hold us back from experiencing our power.

Tolle speaks about recession as being a period of negative growth. The new will rebuild with less illusion. The recession is giving us an opportunity to come face to face with the false reality we have created.

Be your highest spiritual self. There is no such thing as an idle or aimless thought. When you experience other people you can really connect and make an intimate connection and guide people through experiences. A lot of times this can happen instinctively because God is built into us. We can feel when people are open to things and what works and what doesn’t. If we are tuned into God within, it doesn’t matter where we are or who we are with. Spiritual connectivity is based on resonance not distance. Tapping into God changes everything instantly. Anything that consciousness touches, benefits.


Ailurophile said...

Another wonderful and inspirational post. Thanks for sharing it. Hope you have a very good week.

Julieanne said...

Hi Ailurophile!

Thank you! Have a blessed week!


Tomas said...

as I was reading your post, the hot 'yes!' came out of my lips not once. My now is my wish to see amidst the wonderful company on your sidebar.
Inspired Community... Is my vision just a dream or the reality of now?

Julieanne said...

Hi Tomas!

Consider it done :) I have added you link however there is no feed on your page but the link will still take everyone to your site.



Tomas said...

Thank you for the add. I greatly appreciate that.
I am confused just for my feed. How it could be so? What should I do to put my feed in right place?
I am total newbie in that area (I'm using free blogspot template and know only copy/paste into the provided space) It would be fine if you could help me with these technicalities.
Please help me once again.

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