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Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Practising Presence

‘Nothing ever happened in the past; it happened in the Now. Nothing will ever happen in the future; it will happen in the Now.’

Eckhart Tolle
‘The Power of Now; pg41’

This chapter is great for gaining clarity about what the present moment truly is.

When you start to practice looking around at your every day surroundings, and observing your activities from the point of the present moment, everything changes. Life comes to life! Life brightens; it becomes what it is in its essence.

We can also easily apply this practice to our relationships. When we choose to look at our relationships from the point of the present moment something beautiful happens. We see our loved ones, or anyone for that matter, in a new light. They are no longer attached to the identities we give them. They are no longer causing us feelings that were in the past. We are no longer concerned with what they could do for us or be for us in the future.

You allow them and see them to be their True Self.

This is the power of forgiveness and the true meaning of it. Forgiveness is being able to see past what we think a person is and treat anything we may consider that happened as though it never happened. We have all said at some point ‘Well... I forgive, but I won’t forget’, however this unconscious statement takes the power of forgiveness away from us. True forgiveness is being able to see our relationships in a new state at all times.

This does not mean that we need to stay in ‘unhealthy’ relationships but we can use these relationships to grow and learn about ourselves. In the case of remaining in relationships that we may consider unhealthy, we can really take the opportunity to understand why we stay there and to what benefit is it to us.

One exercise you might like to practice forgiving is to say out loud ‘I forgive______ for _____ and I forgive myself for ______.’ Forgive yourself for exactly the same thing as you are forgiving the person for. It will seem strange at first but it will cause a very powerful shift in perception. It is a really simple way to see things in an honest light. We might not like what we find out about ourselves but we will extend love to our relationships and to ourselves by discovering new ideas about ourselves.

As we continue through ‘The Power of Now’ there will be moments and opportunities to really feel the power of life in the present moment. Practice makes perfect – and in the present moment we are exactly that – perfect!

If you have been listening to Tolle read ‘The Power of Now’ then please enjoy Part 6

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