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Thursday, 20 May 2010

Finding The Now

I thought I would share this article I wrote for my friend Cindy at As we come to the end of ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle a practical exercise for bringing ourselves back into the Now seemed quite appropriate.

I hope you are able to find some time to do this exercise. The effect it can have on your health, mind, body and spirit is hidden behind its simplicity.


There is a Zen Buddhism concept called the ‘beginner’s mind’. It says that for the rice bowl to be filled, it must first be empty. This concept is referring to our minds.

Our minds are constantly filled with thoughts during our normal daily routines. An overflow of thoughts can cause us to start living on autopilot or unconsciously. We become so tied up in the things we need to do that without practice it can become very difficult to quieten our minds.

Jean Paul Sartre is famously known for his ideas about ‘the other’. He explained how for instance, we could be on our own in a room, happy just being ourselves, but when someone -‘the other’- enters the room we immediately take on an identity for that person. It may be that we are their mother, husband, sister or boss, but whatever it is, it has taken us out of the moment that we can truly be ourselves.

In a world where we are expected to remain in control of everything and retain so many identities, how can we start to relinquish this need and come to a place of surrendering to our true selves?

One idea that is very gentle yet extremely powerful is practising timelessness. We forget how easily we have become slaves to our watches, keeping us in a routine that doesn’t often allow much time for ourselves. By releasing ourselves from time constraints we can quickly come into alignment with our body, mind and spirit.

Preparing for a timeless day is as simple as putting a few things out of the way and getting ready to be with you. By following a few simple steps you will be on your way to a day that requires only that you are there.

Make a date:

The first step is to choose a day to become timeless. This is important so that you prepare yourself to be undisturbed. Make sure that anyone that may disturb you knows that for this one day you are relaxing.


Make sure that you have everything you need for that day so that you don’t need to go out into the public for anything.

Stop time:

The night before your timeless day, turn off all clocks. Put your watches away. Turn your mobile phones off. Make sure your computer stays turned off for the day. Turn your microwave timer off, and definitely turn any alarms off. Anything that tells you the time needs to be put away, switched off or avoided.

Don’t worry about planning the actual timeless day. The most benefit comes from going with the flow and listening to your mind, body and spirit. It is about allowing yourself to function at your natural pace.

When your timeless day does arrive, make sure you wake up whenever your body naturally wakes. For the rest of the day eat when you feel hungry, sleep if you want a nap – do whatever it is that you feel like doing.

It is a simple idea but so rejuvenating. After trying a timeless day just once, it won’t take much convincing to put time aside for another day.

Happy Manifesting!



Being Me said...

Well this is interesting .. I must try it..


Being Me said...

Be happy .. be strong.

I have something for you on my site. Please drop by.

Julieanne said...

Hi Being Me :)

Thank you... Just off to visit your site ;)

Many Blessings


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