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Friday, 4 June 2010

Guest Post - Spiritual Detox

I wanted to share this with you as I think it asks some great questions and offers some very useful affirmations. This was shared by Martin Boland at the 'Miracles in the Midlands' study group in Birmingham, UK with Rev. Cheryl Ford. Together they lead this ACIM based study group every Thursday night. If you would like to find out more please find the details at the end of this post.

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Detoxing the Mind

My Mind Holds only the thoughts I think with God

The 1st Detox

Our thoughts are the only thing we can lay upon this day...

2nd Detox

The Door to Heaven

Heaven? What is it?

Willingness Mind Work in Action
Desire to accept LOVE
Faith Connecting to the Mind of Heaven

A State of Mind without guilt

If guilt is hell what is it's opposite?

The mental detox will undo the feelings of fear, guilt, anger and attack...
The first prerequisite of detox is to accept their must be a better way. The better way (only way) involves mind work - taking action to release the pure mind.

Detox - "to remove poison from the mind" to poison means to impair, corrupt, defile, embitter...

ACIM talks of the corruption of the altar - the altar begins a point of inner connection between the mind of love and you.

Our job is to unprogramme the mind - miracles are everyones right but purification is necessary first.

We make pure by purging (purifying the mind).

How do we build up a detox programme?

Consider the idea of taking a shower or bathing the mind with spiritual ideas. Which is what we are doing in meditation, and it is what we are doing by immersing our minds in the practice of ACIM, to cleanse us of impure (ego) thoughts.

Jesus said "the poor are always with you" because poverty is part of the ego thought system.

Upon awakening remind Self: who are you?

If we consider this a fresh new day or moment (a clean slate). Use an affirmation such as:

"love opens my eyes that I might see the wonders of life that are the truth"

"joy is when I allow myself to appreciate"

Remind the Self of who you are...

"I am a centre of love consciousness"

Ask Yourself what kind of day you want?

" moments of holiness (holy instant) set in grace extending before me...

Lunch-time Detox

(remember detoxing of fear, guilt, anger and attack thoughts)...

If you are not prepared to detox - you will carry them through the day.
Are you willing to give them up?

e.g my first thought when a woman cut me up early this morning was X, but I reminded myself of my intention: pristine moments of holiness (beauty) set in grace extending before me... and decided to bless her instead. (remember we only have two options - loving behaviour or a call for love).

"I am willing to let go of everything negative about this moment"

"I breathe in love and extend it effortlessly - I am the consciousness of love"

remember the work is being done by love.

Evening Detox:

The day is now complete:

"I don't wish to carry any fear, guilt or anger into tomorrow so I release all my mistakes the the mind of love to be dissolved so I can start afresh tomorrow"

Love is calling to us saying: "give me everything troubling you and I will dissolve it."

I celebrate my successes today and I appreciate the gifts of the day and I give thanks for the help I received and give thanks for The Mind of Love.

To Detox is to sleep on the positive such that nothing is unresolved.

During the day be alert to repeating patterns of thought:

"There is never enough time"
"I am not good enough"
"I can't"
"What are they thinking of me?"
"I shouldn't do that"
"I don't deserve that"

More people die of old fear than old age.

We need to shift our thoughts of good and evil. Evil is only the denial of good. Evil / Live backwards - we are seeing it backwards.

Dark is only the absence of light:

e.g electricity can be used to warm the home or it can be used to electrocute.

"The Mind of Love dissolves the illness of evil from my consciousness."

It may be useful to avoid certain places, things or people.
Surround yourself with positive thinking, forces, actions.

"I believe in the love and justice of the Mind - no one can break the law of love."that I may learn the gift of miracles that love have given me"

Make up Affirmations

I love all that is good.
I believe in the Mind of Love as the only reality.
I tune into harmony.
Health is the only real state (sickness is not a real state).
I open my eyes, ears, mind and heart that I may learn to use the gift of miracles that have been given me.
I enjoy as much as I want to enjoy.
There is no limit to the happy thoughts I can think right now.
I understand the nature of the power of the mind of love and I ask it to work for me now.
As you believe so you receive.
Whenever you give give with faith and joy.

Mae West said: "Too much of a good thing can be wonderful"

Remember The Mind of Love does the work - hand over the willingness to it.

Remember you have the power of decision (choice) in any moment to believe toxic or healing thoughts.

Therefore use faith in light / heaven / better way or faith in nothingness / darkness / fear.

You are unlimited in truth; all thought has power.

Today can be the best day of your life.

Martin's Boland's life coaching company 'Recreate Success' allows him to help people to take full control of their lives, and achieve the success that they want. To find out more about Martin's life coaching services visit Recreate Success Life Coaching

Rev. Cheryl Ford is an ordained Minister. She offers many one on one courses and counselling services including Ministerial Training. To find out more about Rev. Cheryl or Miracles in the Midlands please visit Rev. Cheryl Ford

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