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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Don't Make Assumptions

This is one of ‘The Four Agreements’ as given to us by Don Miguel Ruiz. Based on Ancient Toltec Wisdom he offers us a simple way to personal freedom through the use of these agreements.

‘Don’t Make Assumptions’ gives us an easier way to consider situations in our lives. How much easier would our lives be if we chose to adhere to this agreement? The stories that we can create when we don’t know what the truth is can cause so much torment and unnecessary pressure.

The subconscious mind cannot differentiate between what is real and what is just a thought, so we can even find ourselves physically feeling the effects of the stories we are creating.

Think back to a time when perhaps someone was late to meet you. Can you remember the stories that went through your head?

If we are not conscious of our thoughts, they may have arrived to a hostile situation which had been created from our wild fantasies of all the reasons they may have been late. And then even if they tell us ‘Sorry, there was an accident on the freeway’ we can still take it upon ourselves to be the victim whilst conjuring up the energy to be mad at them for something that was all in our mind.

Making assumptions about situations or things that we don’t know the truth about is a useless exercise. The reason it can feel so distressing is because you are bouncing around frantically searching for the truth. However if you just let the ego go and accept that right now you don’t know, the relief will be instant... and it will save you from the stories.

When we learn to surrender to all that is, we can relieve ourselves of our own stories and learn to relax. It brings us back into the present moment which is the only place that truth can truly exist.

If you would like to find out more about Don Miguel Ruiz you can visit his website at Don Miguel Ruiz

Many Blessings,



A Peculiar Person said...

I would like to invite you to visit my blog. I would love to get your thoughts on some of my recent posts.

God Bless!

Molly Brogan said...

It is interesting to note, that in Christianity, the Assumption is rising body and soul into heaven, no death necessary. I think it relates here, because if we instantly release the ego thoughts, and allow spirit in the moment, we have captured the integrated assumption in life. It seems paradoxical to the definition of assumption Ruiz offers,which is the conventional definition. Yet, it seems to fit the spirit of his intent.

Molly Brogan

Julieanne said...

Hi Molly

I understand what you're saying. It is interesting that to stop 'assuming' we allow ourselves to feel the christian definition of assumption. Good point :)

Many Blessings,


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