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Monday, 20 September 2010

It's All About You!

Take into consideration all that could ever happen to you - all that you desire to happen to you. Could you write a list? How long would that list be?

We spend so much of our time consumed by thoughts of lack and scarcity; we can often forget to realize that we are actually content with all we have.

People tend to take on the world of consumerism as a world that enables them to find an identity. The more you can consume the more glamorous identity you can find.

We are continually being told that this will make us happier, prettier, slimmer, and more desirable but what they don't advertise is the fact that all they can offer you, you already have, and it won't cost you a penny.

By reaching this understanding you can then begin to play in the world of form and illusion rather than desperately trying to grab onto and hold onto these illusions.

So how do we do that?

Well... It's all about you!

Many Blessings,


Gaia said...

So apt, I trying to live a simple life and not let the whole commercial environment affect me and family. Making this change is quite healthy really!

Julieanne said...

Hi Gaia!

I have to agree. I do believe that many people right now are having to do this and are hopefully finding joy in simplicity. I do lead a very simple life and it does amaze me sometimes how complicated people can make their lives.
If we were peaceful with who we are there would not be a need for so much complication and consumption... but for ow I better get off my soapbox hehe

Many Blessings xxx

Julieanne said...

That was meant to read... but for now... :)

The Crow said...

But for ow sounded better :)

Julieanne said...

hehe ;)

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