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Monday, 21 February 2011


As we settle into a new year some of our goals have remained and some have fallen to the wayside. We can often set ourselves up to fail – however those of us that are aware know that there is no such thing as failure.

Something that makes the difference between our goals that are achieved and those that are not is most definitely our willingness to take the next steps to making them happen.

Our goals must be things we want above everything else. We will have to make changes and so often we tell ourselves we are willing but on our deepest levels we are not.
We create illusions of failure. Why should we feel bad about not achieving something that we really didn’t want in the first place?

There are many reasons and most of them are to do with protecting our identity and roles that we have created for ourselves. Sometimes we refuse to accept the fact that we are actually content with where we are.

Our goals are achieved as fast as we are willing to accept and take the next step towards them. If we are not willing to take the next steps it is only because it is something that is not that important to us.

The guilt often comes from wondering what others think and how our identity and role would be affected.

If we were willing to accept a peaceful state as being the focus of our goals we would relieve ourselves of the pressure of needing to strive. We have so many things in this world that are able – if we choose – to keep us in a state of survival. Could one small shift in our thinking bring us to a path that is fulfilling and abundant?

Our minds filter through so many millions of pieces of information. We have decided what information is important to us. If we have been in the habit of travelling from A to B for so long and we now decide to travel from A to C our brains have to start filtering and accepting information that will now get us to point C.

How do we do this? We create new pathways with our willingness to become aware and conscious of the guidance that is around us - and our willingness to follow it.

Through listening to our intuition and becoming aware of synchronicities around us we can quickly jump onto and cruise through a new path. It just takes some willingness to jump on the path to start with.

If you are wondering where to start your journey to a more peaceful and fulfilling existence start with your willingness to take the next step and begin to see what is really being offered to you.

The video below shares some ideas on goals from Abraham-Hicks.

Many Blessings,


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