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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Blog Blast from the Past - Discussing Tolle - Enhancing our Identities

'There may also be things in our lives that we value because of their beauty or inherent quality. We need to honor the world of things, not despise it.’
Eckhart Tolle

In ‘A New Earth’, Eckhart Tolle begins to describe ‘things’ as being ‘identity enhancers’. He takes us through the advertising industry and their dependency on the short lived pleasure we gain from consuming. They rely on it, so you will keep searching for another lift and buy again and often.

There can however be another approach.

You can become aware of your habits as a consumer.

Tolle does not advocate giving up all ‘things’ but to approach them with the intention of honouring. If we are creating an identity for ourselves through these ‘things’ then we know we are allowing the ego to play its game.

On a practical level this attitude can completely change your spending habits. You can begin to ask yourself questions before you head to the cashier. Before you go for ‘retail therapy’ stop for a moment and consider what it is you are trying to achieve.

It is just awareness to begin with, but will become habit if you allow it.

We all know that overspending is a sign of deeper problems and if you have the courage to pause and address it, the feeling will be far more rewarding and longer lasting than the quick buzz gained from spending.

The bottom line is that when we are surrounding ourselves with too many things; the ego is allowed to remove you from focusing on your inner self. And we all know that this is the only place that you can ever truly find real joy.

So if you are heading out gift hunting this season, you might like to approach it with the attitude of honouring your precious friendships and relationships instead of dreading the experience, and who knows... you might find the perfect ‘thing’.

Happy Manifesting!


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