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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Initiation - It's All About You!

When we decide to venture out of our comfort zones we can often find ourselves faced with challenges and unexpected obstacles. Anything that takes us into the unknown or somewhere we haven’t been before can be considered an initiation. It is a call to move past the fear of the unknown and to conquer and release that fear.

By understanding the process of initiation we can begin to understand any obstacles or tests and accept them as a part of the growth process.

The first steps are the most difficult. We find that we have a curiosity about whether or not our ideal situation can exist. Along the way you may find yourself asking the questions about what does and does not truly exist. It is a part of the life process.

There are a few steps that when brought into our awareness can easily be recognised and embraced. There is a Sufi idea that speaks about the fact that there is always water to be found it just depends on how far you are prepared to dig – sometimes it is a short distance and sometimes it is a long way away.

When we embark on a new path we can encounter blocks that may seem to prevent us from reaching the water but with sufficient knowledge we can break through and keep digging.

Our lives are full of initiations. Just learning to walk is an initiation into the walking world. We stumble and crawl – we have others hold our hands as we start to stand – and we are celebrated as we pass through this rite of passage.

This process can be the same when we choose to do something new. When starting something new you may like to consider the following steps of initiation to help move past your blocks to reach your intended ideal desire.

Mentoring is the first step. For many of us our first initiator was our mother. She helped us to walk, talk and eat. It is important to find an initiator for your new venture. Find someone that has already done what you are looking to do. You will probably find that they met with obstacles as well but they will be able to share with you how they moved past them.

You will then usually be met with a series of tests. These are to see if you have set the foundations for your desired goal. They may also be presented to you to cause a necessary shift in your belief system or ideas about how you can achieve what you want. It is up to you to decide whether you are able to pass these tests or recognise if you are heading down a path that is not bringing you closer to where you think you might like to be.

Then get ready to receive, reflect and assimilate. It will be time to receive knowledge, reflect on that knowledge and decide how you are going to assimilate that knowledge into your life.

You will then be called to use your imagination. How does this ideal situation make you feel? How does your spirit respond to being in this situation? What would be the ideal situation for you to be happy? This process is a part of everything we decide to do – because ultimately we are looking for a joyful existence.

You will then need to find your inner wisdom. You will learn to trust yourself and the decisions you think are the wisest for your path. All decisions should be made with a balanced mind. For many people this is achieved through spiritual practices whether it is prayer, meditation or relaxation. It is very difficult to make clear decisions when we are under a lot of stress.

You will then pass through the next step which is to act from your highest self. This will be achieved through the self confidence and balance you have built whilst passing through previous steps in your initiation. You will be called to be an example of what can be achieved through understanding the initiation process.

You will then begin to rise above what you previously thought were the highest ideals for you. You will realise that there is a law of the universe – that connection with Divinity is possible. This may mean that you will embark on a new path to find a higher ideal or begin a new venture that begins the initiation process again.

And finally you will be called on to inspire. Through your example of being able to teach and show what is possible you will inspire others to move on their own highest path. You will be an example of what can be achieved by moving through the initiation process.

By understanding these steps that can be applied to anything we decide to do, it is my hope that any obstacles or tests may feel a little less daunting and a little more acceptable to you... and that you are able to find the courage to initiate something that moves you onto your highest path.

Many Blessings,



j said...

Julieanne -- Great post. Strikes my how well these steps apply to what you're doing with your blog! I know I experience them in my work.
Nice job!

Julieanne said...

Hi j :)

Thank you... It is true :) For many of us though I think we enjoy sharing what we are learning :)

Many Blessings :)

Lisa M said...

Hi Julieanne,

It's been a long time since I've been active on blogger...I had a baby who is now 16 months old and I am working on getting back into the groove. I am glad to see that you are still sharing wonderful words of wisdom and the latest is compelling and accurate. I just had another bday and life is definitely nudging me to follow my heart in every area of my life. I love that you share an interest in the artwork of Duguay. I love his work.

Julieanne said...

Hi Lisa :)

Congratulations! Thank you for your kind words, happy to see you back. We also have a new forum at that is full of inspiration and interesting discussions. Happy belated bday :)Duguay is new to me but is really beautiful work from what I have seen so far.Thanks for visiting and I look forward to keeping in touch :) Much Love x Julieanne x

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