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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The Acceptance Guidebook by Todd Schaefer

My good friend Todd Schaefer is preparing to release his new book over the summer.

The Acceptance Guidebook walks us through the shift from a journey of unconscious living into a life of awareness. Todd offers complex spiritual ideas that are simple to read and understand, making them easy to apply to our lives. His gentle teachings, personal observations and stories have created a book that carries the intentions of a true teacher.

Enjoy the 'Teaser Trailer' for the most anticipated event in the world of spiritual contemporary writing - a six year long countenance of a "real-life" man's journey in one legendary spiritual book. It's coming!



To find out more visit The Acceptance Guidebook Site

Subscribers can access the trailer by visiting the blog post.


gonzo39 said...

Great blog, really enjoyed reading it. Have bookmarked you and will check back regular. Please feel free to take a look at my blog...Conservatories

Adel said...

Nice video, I am so thrilled with this acceptance guidebook, I think this will change a lot of lives.

Zero Dramas

Julieanne said...

Hi Adel :)

It is a great read... and also one that can be opened to any page for inspiration.

Much Love x


Joops said...

It's nice to fin blogs that inspires, thanks for sharing one.

Rev. Julieanne Paige, O.M.C. said...

Thanks for visiting Joops!



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