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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Coincidental Magic

It has been a while since I have blogged. I have been focusing on other areas for a while. However lately... as all writers do... I have the itch.

I have just enjoyed a fun and very relaxing weekend in Cornwall, UK. We were tucked away in a rural retreat and spent the days sightseeing.

We visited King Arthur’s Castle... couldn’t find Camelot, visited a village with my family name - only to find it was one house with a dirt road, enjoyed the coastline and a memorable village called Boscastle.

We went there to see the Museum of Witchcraft... It looked very interesting and we thought it would be something fun to do on our break. But after we did find the museum we found it to be closed for winter refurbishment.

So we parked in the Staff Bay and had a look from the outside anyway.

There were many comment cards in a bulletin board that had messages from visitors who seemed to have had a really great time. I was a little disappointed but there was nothing we could do.

We continued on our travels and returned home relaxed and well rested.

This morning I was checking into this blog. Sometimes there are new followers who I like to connect with and find out what other people are doing. I opened one of my new followers and out of the 5 sites she had joined one of them was... yes... you guessed it... The Museum of Witchcraft in Boscastle!.. Where we had just travelled to on the weekend... the place where no one was and was not open...

I felt a little Twilight (not the movies... the series) moment. There was a part of me that was logical and said ‘Excellent coincidence’ but the part of me I was focussing on was the part that was hoping it meant something more.

I have chosen to allow myself to play a bit and imagine it was something more... and I have my reasons.

I do feel that our current generations are missing something in their life that can bring us fresh perceptions... and that is ‘mystical stimulation’.

In ages past there was a more dominant focus on the mystical. There would be festivals and temples and dancers and many rituals that seem to have fallen away from many of our daily lives. Mysticism has a way of blending reality and illusion.

I have a favourite mystic. I read her books and listen to her videos and podcasts. Some of the ideas she puts forward are so captivating and filled with truth and then she might say something about a time that she walked along the beach and the sand flies made a circle around her and acknowledged her presence. Sounds a little crazy right? However she is the first person that I have come across that constantly teaches me that it doesn’t always have to be right... I can also choose just to be happy and enjoy the experience.

If you are going to be in this world of dreams for a while then why not choose the happy dream. I wanted to share this as it is something that I am learning now. It is ok for us to play with the illusions but it can be just as much fun to seek out the truth.

‘A Course in Miracles’ teaches us a simple way to recognise truth and illusion and that is:

‘Nothing real can be threatened.
Nothing unreal exists.
Herein lies the peace of God.’

Mystical experience can spur us on as we walk our path of truth. If you are having a giggle and feeling more peaceful more of the time... then you may be on the path to peace... but in the meantime I am going to choose to imagine that the witches whispered through the misty woods as we drove down the winding road to Boscastle. Through the rustle of the the leaves and the whistling wind could be heard the words – ‘There they are... we have been expecting them.’

Happy Dreams!



B M said...

This is interesting, many roads lead to peace.

We just have to find the one we are comfortable with.

Rev. Julieanne Paige, O.M.C. said...


Thanks for visiting. You are so right... it is something I love to learn about... how other people are finding peace.

Blessings x


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